May 6, 2012

School gift for a first grader

A couple of years ago our niece Alicia went to school for the first time. How exciting this was for her and me as her godmother as well. I thought long about what special little gift we could give here and then I came up with a little scrapbook. I prepared an 8" x 8" book with 20 pages. I knew exactly which pictures I needed.  I took all of them on days before and during the first class day. I had them developed and placed before we left. My sister-in-law loved the idea. A gift with photos and journaling of a special day and everything is done....

 Now it is time for her little brother to go to school and naturally, he will get a book of his own. This time we can't be there to see him; therefore they have to add pictures later. I did as much journaling as I could and they will have a list of photos that should go in the book.

Again I worked with an 8" x 8" book with 20 pages. Each double page is created with on bold color of card stock. I added little pieces of design paper that includes the color schema or the topic school.

I used all sorts of stickers and rub-ons that have school or school elements included.

The first and last page is created with the same base color. The first page will contain a picture of Louis, the 1. Grader and the last page will have a picture of us wishing him all the best.

I planned to have pictures on things they do before school starts, the school, the class room, his first schedule, his "Schulranzen" and the "Schultuete". Pictures of him and his parents, grandparents, godfather, sister and visitors, the nicely decorated house and the big coffee table with all the home made cakes....

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