March 30, 2014

Smiles Layout from Lollydoodle Paper

Well, this my second layout from the Close To My Heart Lollydoodle paper pack. This paper has so vibrant colors, they are so much fun to work with. I intended this layout for a girl page or the women in your life, your daughters, your mom/ mother-in-law, your best friend, your girlfriends...or you can use it for a fun family moment as well. 

 Starting with page 1, a strip of green design paper with swirls is placed on the left side of the page. Three 3x3 squares are glued on top, but while the two twilight blue squares are flat, the middle pink one is a little package of surprises. I fist adhered the ribbon to the folded pink bundle, then I adhered the whole stack including the ribbon on the back to page with some strong adhesive.

All other pieces are adhered as shown. Start with the green cardstock, followed by the pink and design paper square. Place the pink bracket slightly under the square and your photo.
Place your gray cardstock base right next to the finished first page. Make sure top and bottom edges are lining up. Now start with the green cardstock strip and adhere it to the base. Make sure it is at the same high as the one on page one. Continue to adhere all other pieces as show. Use your photos or a piece of paper cut to the right size that will fill in for the photo. This way you make sure the squares and strips on the side are all lining up.

This layout also comes in a set, pre-cut, all embellishments included and with instructions and a sketch for future project. You can change all elements with in the pages or flip them to the other side if you like. Check the "boys" layout that is coming up in the next few days and see if you can detect similarities to this one.

This is the little surprise that lays behind the pink bow.
It is a strip of paper scored every 3" to create an accordion-fold of 3"x3". On the right you see how the little book is adhered and how it opens. The left shows you the closed position. 

 A couple of embellishments lighten up the layout. Decorate and add to it as desired.
All you can see here comes with the layout.

 To be able to open the little booklet without pulling the page out of the protector each time I cut a square out of the protector. Now you can open and close the booklet while browsing through your scrapbook.
Detailed instructions on how to make the opening and what to look out for is on the instruction sheet that comes with the set or contact me for more information.

I have only 3 more sets of this layout available, so let me know if you would like to purchase one....

March 27, 2014

Family Layout from Skylark Paper

Here is the first of three double page layouts I created for last weekends crafting event. I sold them as a kit including all papers (all cut for you) and embellishments you can see here. Each set would also contain a picture of the finished pages, instructions on how to assemble the pages and a sketch of each page. Why an extra sketch you ask? Well, this sketch can be used to make more layouts in either the same layout or why not mix them up. Switch pages horizontal, vertical or just elements of it...try it, it's so much fun to play with.

I used the brand new Skylark paper pack from Close To My Heart. I love the mixture of bright colors with the more toned down once. To give it a nice spring touch I thought Daisy White would be the perfect background.

Let's start with the left page layout. If you have purchase the "Make it from your Hear - Volume 2" (order number 9042) book yet , you can find this layout in it.

I started with the biggest piece of Skylark design paper and adhered it to the right side. Next I used the border which comes with this design paper and adhered it, followed by a strip of blue lagoon paper. The next piece is the back side design of the first paper piece.

For the photo mat I used kraft cardstock and lagoon cardstock. You can the photo mat was placed with foam dots to the page. You have room for 3 photos (3 1/2 x 4 1/2). You can also use one space for journaling or you can use one big picture and a small one or .... well you get the idea.

Page 2 uses the same papers, just in different sizes. You also have room from a total of four pictures. One a 5x4 and the others are 3 3/4x3.
Again, you could use one mat for journaling if you like.

I had my Cricut cut out the word family, which I adhered in the lower right corner and embellished with a few sparkles.
Both stripes from page 2 are cut shorter the on page 1. I used the leftovers as embellishments. I cut the end in a decorative banner shape and adhered three buttons in coordinating colors to it. 

 In case you would like to order a set to assemble at home, please contact me for costs and shipping or if you have any other question...

March 24, 2014

You totally Rock Treat

Here is another whoooo idea for a little sweet treat. Yes, more chocolate treat for the crop. I told you, you can't go with out them....and they were a hit. They might be all gone, but you still could get your own sets to fill...

This is another variation of the M&M treats I made for the crop I attended last week. 

What a sweet way to say "You totally Rock"?

Love the owls and did you see how her eyes are glittering? They are so cute and what an idea for your upcoming graduation party?

No matter what occasion you are looking at, these treats can be made to fit any party. Contact me on how to get your own special party surprise home
All you need are sweets to fill, everything else will be in the kit and ready to go. What are you waiting for?...Looking forward to hearing form you...

March 23, 2014

A Easter Egg Basket

Last but not least, this is the last and final card from our Easter card Workshop class... A basket full of egg-citement... I found this idea at Terry's blog...

Before we start assembling this card, we need to gather some items. First I used the Close To My Heart stamp set "Easter Wishes" (B1422) to stamp the phrase. This set also contains an egg stamp that will fit onto the corresponding Cricut cut out from the Close To My Heart Art Philosophy cartridge. You can use it to stamp out eggs and color them in. I decided to use the cutouts with out the stamp. In stet I added a few dots with gel markers.

The grass was also cut out from the same cartridge. The basket on the other hand was a bit different. I used a 3"x 2" piece of brown cardstock and cut off a triangle shape on each side leaving me with a basket like bottom. To create the basket look I cut a couple of slits into the cardstock to weave 1/4" sized dark brown stripes through. Cut each strip of at the ends. One long strip finished up the baskets top. The handle was cut from a 3" half circle. 

Now the assembling part:
Adhere a piece of 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" design paper to the card base (Here I used a pink design).
Adhere the handle piece to the basket.
Now adhere the basket to the card, but only place adhesive on the sides and bottom of the basket, not the top and some adhesive to the handle. We will stick the eggs later behind it so it look like they are peeking out of the basket.
 Attache the basket to the base, about 1/2" off the bottom of the card. Adhere the grass strip to the card flush with the bottom of the base, but glue only on the lower part of the grass. Now start arranging your Easter eggs. Lay them out first to make sure you like their position. Then put a little bit of adhesive on the back and tuck them behind the grass and inside the basket as shown. A bow is attached with glue dots to the handle and the phrase banner is adhered with foam dots.

All that it left for me to say is "Happy Easter" to all of you...

I hope you enjoyed these four little Easter cards and remember, you can order this set of four cards to recreate at home or already assembled for you. Contact me for details about costs and how to get this set home...

Stay tuned for more crafting ideas to come and look out for our next months card class set of four...

March 22, 2014

Easter Egg Card

This is one of my favorite Easter cards and a big "Thank You" goes to my friend Elke who let me borrow this idea.

The card is based on a 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" cream colored cardstock base, cut into an egg shape. If you create your own base make sure to leave a small strip on the left side uncut. This will function as a hinge and give you a real card. The Close To My Heart Cricut cartridge Art Philosophy has a card base and the egg shape layer on it. 
A second egg shaped piece of yellow cardstock was cut about 1/4" smaller than the base. I inked around the edges in a corresponding ink color and put it aside. 

My card further includes two strips of grass in two different shades of green. On strip in a smaller design than the other. These and the three Easter eggs as well as the "Easter Wishes" banner where cut from the same Close To My Heart cartridge.

A rectangular piece of cocoa brown cardstock and a piece of colonial white card stock were used to create the assemble with the stamped bunny image. I stamped the bunny in chocolate brown and colored it in (edges inked as well). The white piece is just an 1/4" smaller than the brown one and is adhered to the center of the brown one.

Now to the assembling part:
I placed the yellow egg shape onto a flat surface. I then adhered the darker (bigger) green grass strip to the bottom of the yellow one, just about 1/8" off the end. I placed the adhesive only on the bottom of the strip. This way you are later able to fluff up the grass and stick the bunny image behind it. The second smaller grass strip is placed on top of the darker one all the way down on the end of the egg shape.  

Both grass strips will stick out on each side. Just flip the yellow egg shape and cut the extra grass off so they are flush with the egg shape. 
The bunny is adhere to the brown rectangle (flat or with flat foam dots) and glued to the egg shape by tucking it behind the grass strip. Before you place the piece down, make sure the upper corners will not stick out over the edges of the egg shape.

The banner as stamped with the Easter phrase and inked on the edges before adhered to the grass with a big foam dot .

The three yellow eggs are adhered with glue dots and their placing depends on your own judgement. The banner and eggs can hang over the edges a bit. A little bow on the top and the yellow egg shape is done. 
A few foam dots to the back and the piece is adhered to the cream colored card base.

Isn't this a cute Easter card? 

Well, this is the third card design from our Workshop card class which you can order to recreate at home. They are also available as finished cards. Please contact me to find out how to get these wonderful cards home...

March 21, 2014

Easter Lamb Card

Naturally Easter is not all about Easter eggs or Easter egg hunt, no the real meaning lays within the believe that "He is Risen". 

The Easter lamb might be one of the best symbols to express this believe.
I used a Close To My Heart stamp set that was just right for this card. The card has a 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" base with rounded corners. I used a piece of 4" x 5 1/4" piece of design paper with rounded corners on the front of the card. Do not adhere this piece until the vellum strip is attached to it!

The lamb was stamped in chocolate brown ink on a white piece of cardstock. This piece was matted with a 1/4" bigger piece of cashmere cardstock. The set was adhered to the front with some foam dots once the design paper is adhered (remember to attache the vellum first!).

The cross was created by stamping the image in chocolate ink onto a white piece of cardstock. I cut the cross out and adhered it to another piece of cashmere cardstock. Again I cut around the cross, this time leaving a slight rim around the cross.

I used a piece of vellum cut 1"x 5" and rounded the corners on the right side. I then stamped my phrase in chocolate ink onto the vellum. You have to make sure to let it dry very good, since regular ink will take a long time to dry. You could use StarzOn instead to speed up the process.
I placed the strip onto the design paper and folded the extra length on the left side over to the back. A bit of glue on the back will hold the vellum in place.

You can use special vellum glue to adhere it to the front as well, but this is not necessary. Now you are ready to adhere the design paper to the front of the card and attache the lamb to it as well. The cross is adhered across the vellum onto the front. A few rhinestone sparkles are place on the cross and the vellum finishing this card.

This is the second card of my Easter card set of four. If you like a kit to assemble at home or if you like a completed card set, not matter which one you like, please contact me for more ordering details...

March 20, 2014

A Sweet Chocolate Treat

Here is a sample of some of the sweet treats I made for the crop on Saturday. Aren't they sweet... 

These are specifically made for the upcoming crop I will attend in Metamora on Saturday, March 22nd.

Yes, it's all about chocolate and who doesn't like a little sugar push up while crafting all day?

I love the phrases that came with one of Close To My Hearts stamp of the month sets...

"I never met a Chocolate I didn't like"

"Chocolate is good for you"

"Who need Milk?"

"Chocolate understands"

... don't you agree :-)

Not only are these are the perfect give-a-ways for your next party, they can also me designed for any occasion you need them for. Birthday party, baby shower, bridal shower, Easter-, Thanksgiving- or Christmas party and so much more.  All sets come ready to go and all you have to do is fill them with the candy of your choice. I found that M&M work the best, but there are other sweets out that can be used. 
Would you like to create some of your own? Let me know what topic you like and I will make a set for you. Once you get the set home, you can fill it with goodies and give them away.

Contact me for more information on how to purchase a set....

A Tulip Easter Card

As I mentioned a few blogs ago, this month I have two different kind of card workshop classes. The second part of my class is dealing with ideas for some wonderful Easter cards.

This Easter card was inspired by some Easter eggs that I had left from another design and an idea featured on the Cricut website. I used the Cricut design to cut out the green leaf and stamps (comes in two parts) and nine blush colored Easter eggs.

I started the card, by running a piece of 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" pink cardstock through my embossing machine. I used the brand new Close To My Heart dotted embossing folder. A little bit of pink edging and the piece war ready to be adhered to the front of the card base.

I also had the Cricut cut out the white medallion base for the tulips. After edging the leafs and eggs with the corresponding ink, I first adhered the leaf stamp combination flat to the white cardstock. Each tulip is built from three eggs. One is placed in the middle, the next one is placed to left overlapping the fist one half way. The final one is placed to the right.
Before you adhere the flowers, dry fit them and see how much they have to overlap to create a tulip shape.
Decorate the finished flower bunch with a little bow and place the white cardstock to the front of the card with some foam dots.

Close To My Hearts Cricut cartridge was used to cut out the words "happy" and "Easter". A few glue dots will hold them on the card.

Your tulip Easter card is ready to go in the mail...

This is one of four cards that come in a set for Easter. If you like to purchase a set to make these cards at home or if you like to order them assembled either way, please contact me for more details.

March 19, 2014

A Lily Thank You

This is the last card of our first March Workshop Class. You can never have to many "Thank You" card on hand. How about this one?

This card has a 4 1/4" x 5 /2" card base. The front is covered in a 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" piece of design paper.

I stamped the lily design in black ink once onto the white medallion piece and once again on to a separate piece of white cardstock. 

The second piece is colored in with a blending pen and attached to the medallion piece with some thin foam dots.
I used the Close To My Heart Cricut cartridge Art Philosophy to cut out the three medallions. Each one about 1/4" smaller than the previous one. To assemble them I stacked them and adhered them together with some glue. 

The whole set is glue with adhesive to the front of the card. If you like, you can use foam dots as well.

A strip of white cardstock is stamped with the "Thank You" phrase and folded back and forward. A triangle is cut out on each end.

Next I adhered the white piece to a strip of blue cardstock. I again cut out a triangle on each side, leaving just a little frame around the white piece.

Two rhinestones finishing this card up.

Well this is the first set of 4 cards we have done this month. If you like to purchase this set or if you have any other questions, please contact me.

Make sure to come back to see the wonderful Easter card we will do in our second workshop class this month...