May 12, 2014

Celebrate with more flowers

Well, here are the last samples of our flower card series. There are unlimited combinations with these flowers and it was so much fun to see what my ladies came up with. Each one went home with a very individual styled card...Great job everyone! 

I hope you enjoyed this little excursion and let me know what you think of them. Look out for May's card class projects and remember if you like to purchase any of the cards show or if you like the set of the month to work on, please feel free to contact me... See soon

May 10, 2014

A Foxy Thank You

Here is another example of how to use multiple flowers cut them and used them as one big bunch ...

I had like three of these flowers left, but they were to small to just place them on the card. They came from the edge of the botanical paper. So what to do with them?
I went with the same primary design I had used with the other flower cards before. This time I just change the borders by cutting a triangle at each end. 

I took the first set of flowers (you see them at the top of the bunch) and adhered them flat on the front. The second set was adhered with thin foam dots overlapping the first one. I then cut out the middle flower of the third set and adhered it flat to the card. The end of this flower is tucked under the right flower of the second set. And that's how you create a bunch of flowers with only three partial cut outs...

May 8, 2014

A Hollyhock Thank You

Here is Hollyhock Thank You card and this design comes thank's to one of my crafty card ladies....

This Hollyhock came in one long flower and would barely fit on the card. So on of my clever ladies (Thank's Ruth) came up with another idea. She simply cut the leave part and two of the flowers on the bottom off. Yes, she just did it! She cleaned both flowers up by separating them and getting rid of excess paper parts.
Thank's to this clever cutting, the flower was now just the right size to fit on the card. She adhered the big flower part with thin foam dots, then arranged the leave part the same way, just butting the two pieces up. The two extra flowers were also adhered with thin foam dots and they are used to "cover up" the seam between the top and bottom. Great Idea Ruth!

If you work with items like this or where they are just to big for your project, think out side box. Don't be afraid to cut them apart and create something different or just use part of it.

No matter what project you are working on, once all parts are together, lay them down and dry fit them together. Stay back and see if you like the design. Move things around and see what else might please your eyes, then take out the glue.... It's like measure twice, cut once!  

May 7, 2014

Mega Meet 2014

Hello crafting friends,

just a reminder that the Mega Meet 2014 will start tomorrow in Novi, MI.

Mega Meet 
May 8th until 10th

This year I have two classes on my list and I will let you know how they turned out, so keep following my blog.

I'll hope to see you there...I'll be at the show on Thursday and Friday and if you like to catch up with me 

Hope to see you there and have fun exploring :-)

May 6, 2014

A Poppy Flower Thank You

Here is another of these wonderful flowers, a Poppy Flower with a little bee buzzing around it.

Assembly is the same as with the previous cards. Also this is flower was originally situated on the edge of my botanical paper. This means, the poppy seed and the leave on the left were cut off. We took advantage of it by placing the flower right to the edge of the left side of the embossing background.
We also had an extra leave that we used to extend the greenery on the bottom. It was adhered flat to the card base, tucked lightly under the main flower. Can you tell which leave I am talking about?

In this particular card we raised the tag with some thin foam dots as well. Make sure when you arrange items that they overlap a little in some places. This give your card more flow and looks more natural too.
Place the little bee with a foam dot and decide if and were you would put the bling....

Stay tune, there are more....

May 4, 2014

Happy Birthday with Daffodil Flowers

This is another sample of the botanical flower paper I had. Daffodils are just the right spring flowers. 

The pieces used here are the same as mentioned in the first card (Happy Birthday with Alium Flowers). The arrangement is a little bit different due to the shape of the flowers.

In this detailed look you can see that I cut the flowers by leaving a little rim around everything. The background of the original paper was a light green. This makes the flowers and leave pop out a little more. I did cut in between leave, but not everywhere.

Using your craft knife takes a little practice. If you have never tried it before, make sure to follow these little tips:

- have a self-healing cutting mat to protect your surface
- your craft knife should have a nice sharp blade in it
- practice on a piece of scrap paper first
- hold your knife steady and carefully cut along the object
- turn your paper often so cutting along sides will be comfortable for you

It will not be easy at first, but practice will make it easier over time.

Look out for more flowers ....  

May 2, 2014

Happy Birthday with Alium Flowers

Do you have design papers laying around where you don't know what to do with? They are so pretty, but they don't work on pages or hard to use on cards too? Well, I had like three sheets of a wonderful botanical flower garden that I love, but it was one of these pretty, but what to do with them? 

Not good for a scrapbook page. Cutting them up to use as background on cards wouldn't work either, since I might cut the flowers in half or risk to have to much scrap material. So what to do? 

While I was playing around with my new Anna Griffin embossing folders I had an idea: "Why not cutting each of these beautiful flowers out and use them individually on my cards....perfect! Out comes the craft knife and in no time all flowers were cut out including the little critters. Since I planed to used them in my card class, I encountered another problem. I don't have enough flowers to make one card for all, so everyone of my ladies had to deal with different flower type (you will see more in the next few days). Some of the flowers were running of the edge of the paper, so they had a little flat leave on one side, but that's not a problem. You just place the this flower either to the right or left of your card to make it flush with the edge...this makes for some need designs and it was fun in class. Everyone got to play around with the items given before adhering them.

The base for all this cards is 5 1/2" x 4 1/4" colonial white cardstock. I run a piece of the same cardstock (5 1/4"x 4") through the embossing machine. Two strips of green cardstock were embossed with a matching design folder. The tag was cut out with Spellbinders in two sizes, the bigger one in green, the smaller one in white. We stamped a sentiment on the white tag and adhered it to the green.   

All flower cards are assembled in this way: Adhere white embossed cardstock in the center of the base. Adhere green strip to the left side about 1/2" off the edge. The second green strip is adhered at the bottom also about 1/2" of the edge. All strips are only as long as the white embossing piece. In some cards we adhered the second strip over the flower, depending on the layout preference. 
The flowers are adhered with foam dots, but not your regular once. These are special once that are thinner so the piece is not getting to bulky. Arrange and adhere tag piece. The little critters are also adhered with thin foam dots. A sparkle finishes the card of.

Stay tuned for more flowers cards to come....