May 10, 2014

A Foxy Thank You

Here is another example of how to use multiple flowers cut them and used them as one big bunch ...

I had like three of these flowers left, but they were to small to just place them on the card. They came from the edge of the botanical paper. So what to do with them?
I went with the same primary design I had used with the other flower cards before. This time I just change the borders by cutting a triangle at each end. 

I took the first set of flowers (you see them at the top of the bunch) and adhered them flat on the front. The second set was adhered with thin foam dots overlapping the first one. I then cut out the middle flower of the third set and adhered it flat to the card. The end of this flower is tucked under the right flower of the second set. And that's how you create a bunch of flowers with only three partial cut outs...

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