August 25, 2014

Flower Wonders

These flowers are a wonderful embellishment for all kinds of presents. The are great for boxes, home deco items or even on cards.

They only work cards if you plan to hand them to your recipient or you have to place your finished card in a small box to sent out, otherwise the flowers would be flatten.

So, how do you create these flowers? I used our Close To My Heart cartridges to have my Cricut cut out the basic shapes. Two of the three cartridges from Close To My Heart contain these kind of flower projects; you can find them on the "Art Philosophy" and the "Artiste" cartridge.

First thing you need to know is how big you like your flower to can cut them in any size you want with the Cricut. In this project I use a 2 1/2" size.

The machine will cut a big circle with a smooth edge on one side and a scalloped on the other. The scalloped edges can be round, more pointy or long leave etc.. They all will create a different kind of flower. The top picture shows a rounder edge scallop, while the picture on the bottom has a more pointy edge when cut out.

All cutout have a roundish circle like end in the middle. The following technique is the same for all flowers, no matter what edging you have. If you have a quilting tool, this will be the perfect time to use it. If not, just use your fingers or a needle to get started.
Take the outer end of the flower and start rolling it up towards the middle. Make sure it is some what tide and don't let go of the role you are creating. While rolling the paper try to keep the smooth edge even.
Once you reached the middle, place a glue dot (should fit right on the little circle) in the middle and press the roll with the smooth side on the glue dot. If your roll is very tide, let is go just a bit so the layers can unfold a bit. This would also allow you to create a bigger more open flower.

You can use any other type of glue too, but I found the dots work pretty good. Now bend the pedals just a bit to give them a more realistic look. 

For more embellishment, place a rhinestone or pearl in the middle or use glitter glue or other glitter along the edges of the flower....

I know it is hard to explain these techniques. It would be easier to show if you like to attend a class where we create these little flower wonders, please contact me for more information

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