April 29, 2015

Sweet Carrot Box for Easter

Today we make a little carrot box for some super sweet treats. Naturally, you can recreate this box with out the greens on the top and in different paper/ cardstock as a little everyday gift.

You need a 6" x 6" piece of cardstock or sturdy design paper. You also need a strong adhesive to close the "box". I used the red sticky tape for this project.

You apply a piece of sticky tape along one side and the top side. Now remove the clear cover from the tape and carefully adhere the two vertical sides together without sticking the top together. You end up with a roll, like the inside of a paper towel roll.

 Next place the green strip with the strip cutting on the adhesive on the top of this box. Make sure the seem from the roll is not in the center but more to the left or right. Now squeeze the top with the adhesive together ( like a milk carton).

The bottom is held together in the opposite direction of the top with a brad. Just bend the bottom part together, punch a hole through both layers and add brad.

You can decorate the treat box anyway you want. In this case I used a green piece of cardstock cut in a scallop edged circle 2". The brown circle 1 1/4" and white 1" circle are built on top of the green one with foam dots.  
A little bow at the end and you can fill your treat box. Let me know if you have questions or like to join one of my classes. 
All cards and boxes you find on the blog can be purchase as kits or as finished products. Please contact me for more details ...

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