August 19, 2015

Let the creativity begin!

It has been a hot and humid summer so far here in Michigan. I took some creative time off during July since my family from Germany was here to visit, but know I am getting my mojo flowing again....well I try with this still humid and hot weather.

My crafting table and everything else a woman need to be creative is located in our basement. While it is nice and cool down there, it is lacking off daylight. So I decided to move my creative station outside. A shady spot on the patio in the nice can this be? Very nice until I forget something and have to go back downstairs...LOL

Well, after a few trips I decided, I can't get all my stuff upstairs, so I might limit myself to some coloring projects. My first project was the new tri-fold stamp sets from "Art Impressions" which I bought in May at the MegaMeet in Novi. I was itching to try them, but haven't found the time to do..until now:

I will show the different steps on how to stamp and color them in the following days/ week. I will also give you a rundown on what coloring sets I used and why some are easier than others for this project. I will show you the "Wedding Chapel" and the "House in Tuscany" tri-fold sets...   

If you are interested in learning these techniques and how the tri-fold stamps work, please contact me to set up a class. I will have a schedule with classes up on the blog by the end of next week. Classes will be held at my house and in small groups between 1-6 people. If a scheduled time frame does not work for you, please contact me and I will see if we can work something out. If you have at least 4 people or more, I will also come to your let's try it and see how easy it is to create wonderful paper projects.  

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