August 28, 2015

New Idea Book .... one more sneak peek before September 1st

Well...the final preview (or maybe a little more tomorrow?) of the new Idea Book starting September 1st is here. Not that my little sneak peeks are all that is new and exciting about the new Annual Idea Book 2015-16, oh no, there is so much more. You have to find out on your own what else is in it. 

Remember the Close to My Heart "Idea Book 2015-16" and the Seasonal Expressions "Holiday" Book will be out on September 1st. You can find both books online on my website (click here) or you can contact me to get your paper copy.

Last but not "Base & Bling" items will be available in gold and silver. The antique once will retire,so if you like those, make sure to order them by August 31st!
New little charms and sticker sheet come along with the new gold and silver pendants and chains. Holiday specials can be found in the Holiday Expressions book...making cute little Christmas gifts. They are also awesome to put pictures of loved once in it and gift them as gifts for the Holidays. Wonder how you can make one? I will have classes for you available in the upcoming months. If you are interested, contact me...

One other item I really like is our cardmaking kits. Everything you need comes with the kit all you have to get out is a phrase to stamp on or you can pick on of the many mini stamps we have these days, especially made for those kits. You can also hand write your message...These kits make perfect gifts as well.

And finally, "Picture-My-Life" is getting bigger and bigger. No matte if you love to scrap them as intended or if you use the little cards to decorate your pages, cards and home decor items, many new designed sets are coming your way. There are two special once I already have played with and they are awesome....PSSSST... all I can say is "Overlay", "Clear", "Gold & Silver"...and more 

Stay tuned to see.... and contact me if you have questions

Make sure when you order from my website to hit the "Join" button on the lower right side called "Aug/Sep Special" and have the chance to win some free products in August!

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