September 30, 2015

Tri-Fold "Home in Tuscany" Card - Part 1

This is the second card that I bought as a "Tri-Fold" set. I apologize for the bad lightning, but I shot these pictures in the basement and didn't realize the lightning was so bad until I had them all colored in. But I think you still can see the images.

For those of you who haven't seen the "Wedding Chapel" card, here are the instructions again, this time for the "Home in Tuscany".

First, this stamp sets comes in three different parts, plus a stamp with a fitting phrase. Instructions are also included in the set, so read everything carefully before you start. I would recommend to use a piece of scrap-paper and stamp all images as instructed first. This way you make sure you get the sides and measurements correct and everything lines up. Use this as a template for other set you make.

For your base you need to cut a piece of white cardstock at 5 1/2" x 11". Score your card in even 1/3's so each part will measure 3 5/8". Don't fold yet, because it makes it easier to stamp.

Each stamp set tells you exactly which stamp goes on the inside of the card and which one will go on the left and right side (outside).

In this case I stamped the Tuscan house on the middle section of my card, about 1/2" from the top. Now you turn your paper around, the house image facing towards your work surface.

The "Winding Road with barrels" will be stamped on the left panel of the card and the "Table for two" on to the right panel. Depending on your tri-fold set, check the instructions.

Since these stamps are rubber stamps and not clear, it is a bit more difficult to line them up. Instruction calls for the "Winding Road" to be stamped 1 3/4" from the top of the card and lined up with the score line. Don't stamp it to far to the left (or to the right on the other side), otherwise you will end up with a big white space when your card is closed.

Now stamp the "Table for two" image about 1 3/4" from the top on the right panel, lining it up with the right score line.
In my pictures here you see the card already cut out, so yours will still be three full panels. 

Now all that is left is to cut around the side panels. First fold your card along the scorelines. Start cutting on the right about 1" from the bottom and follow around the table and vines all the way to the scoreline. Cut along scoreline to the top. For the left side, start cutting about 1 1/4" from the bottom along the road and barrels and up the score line. 

This is a free cut, so it is up to you how close you like to get to the image and how much background you like to leave. Fold card together and see if everything lines up. Fine tune the sides a bit, so the card has nice edges on each side.

Stay tuned for part 2 - coloring the image

If you like to create this "Tri-Fold" card and learn how to stamp, cut and color the images, please contact me. Check my class schedule for ongoing classes. 

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