March 18, 2016

Inlaid Die-Cutting - "Happy Birthday" part 2

My second project got started with the cut out circle from the previous one. (Yeah, can't wait anything!). 

I used the same circle punch and started with a punch in the upper right corner of my grey cardstock. 

I replaced this cut out with a pomegranate cardstock circle, adhered on the back with some washi tape (or any other thin tape). Next I punched a second circle below the first one, punching a little into the first circle. I replaced this cut out with a pink circle (tape on the backside). Last I moved my circle punch to the left side and punched a circle overlapping both previous circle. Here I used my cut out from the first card. 

Punches are a super starter tool for this technique and you can make as many punches and overlays as you like :-). 

You could also use design papers instead of cardstock to make the circles stand out.

Always remember to fasten all parts in the back with some tape so they can't move when you punch through them again! 

I used my "Happy Birthday" dies again and die-cut the grey cardstock first. Then I replaced the phrase with some glitter paper cut outs. I used the same technique with a piece of scrap paper covered in adhesive and added to the back of the Happy Birthday cutout like I did in the previous card.

As you can see, even with little tools you can archive some nice inlaid die-cuttings. Don't over-complicate this technique and use what you have on hand.

I add some black strings with my journaling pen and a few little twine bows to convert my circles into balloons. My grey cardstock was about 1/8" shorter on each side than the cardbase. I simply place the grey cardstock on foam tape and in the center of the base leaving a small strip on each side. 

Decorating the inside of the card is a must. So a little matching phrase and a leftover strip from the background paper of my first card complete this one.

I hope you will try this technique yourself and see how much fun it is. If you have questions please let me know!

Stay tuned for more .....

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