July 15, 2016

Watercolor Technique: Markers

Today we will check out the ZIG Clean Brush and Spectrum Aqua markers. Each set can be blend within the markers or with water. Important for both brands, you need special paper so the blending will work.

Both kinds of markers can be used in many different ways. If you intend to blend the markers without water, you have to use Bristol mixed medium or the Strathmore Bristol 100lb papers. Blending the markers this way will create very vibrant colors.

A more softer look can be archived if you use them with a water brush. I usually scribble the markers on an acrylic blog or my Ranger craft-mat. I then wet my brush and pick up the color from the blog/ mat. This way you can use them like paint. These are just two different ways to use them...but there are more.

This is a piece of Bristol Mixed Medium paper that I stamped with some flowers. I used VersaMark Watermark ink and embossed the flowers with white embossing powder. 

Next I scribbled different blue ZIG colors around the images (Pic.1). Next I used a water spray bottle and misted the whole piece until the color started to flow and my lines disappeared (Pic.2). Due to the embossing the flowers really show and the little water puddles will dry up (Pic.3)  

Smoothing is another great technique that works great with these markers. I scribbled my Spectrum Aqua markers on my Ranger craft-mat (Pic.1), using three different kinds of blue. Next I sprayed water onto it so the colors get runny(Pic.2). Next you take your watercolor paper and lay it on top of the color mess :-) (Pic.3).A little messy technique, but fun. You can move the piece around to make sure it is completely covered...then let it dry!(Pic.4)

Here are a few pictures how it looks like when you use the ZIG markers as paints. The water makes it easy to shade each petal. Love the vibrant colors!

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