August 11, 2016

Baby Wipe Technique

Here is a little sneak peek of this months technique. All you need for this technique are some baby wipes and some re-inker. Please don't use alcohol re-inker, because those wont work with this technique. Alcohol inks simply dry too fast!

I have to admit, I had a hard time with this technique this month, but I think my problem was that I only had two re-inker colors on hand. Yes, a consultant ran out of suppliers LOL!

Well, I still wanted to get some thing done so I started with one color and some stripes. All I did was folding two baby wipes together. You fold them over and over until you are left with a nice square bundle. Now pick the side with some nice round folds and add some ink to them. I place like four dots next to each other. Don't worry if there is white in between!
Take a pieces of cardstock, place your square ink side down on one side and swipe along. Repeat until the strips covering the cardstock. 

My second try I used the same square, added more blue color to dot one and three. I covered dots two and four with some brown ink this time. Yes, I put it right over the blue. In may case using a brown ink, it didn't matter that the previous one was blue, but you want to be careful if you use light color or other combinations. In this case you want to start with a clean baby wipe bundle. 
Start on a piece of cardstock and swipe like you did with the first sample. If you like, you can turn the paper and add more stripes in the other direction to create a plaid design.

I used a third and different way for my third test, but this one will be on the blog on Saturday ;-) so check back to see the final result!

Video 1, Video 2, Video 3

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