October 3, 2016

Graduation Card

Graduation is coming again soon, so how about getting an early start?

Here is another card we did in our June card making class. What can you do with big and bold golden striped paper? Well, I thought it was perfect for a very special accomplishment, a graduation.

This time we went with a more simple card as well. The card base is cut at 4 1/4" x 11" and fold in half, so the fold will be on the left side.

We placed two strips of the golden paper on the top and bottom on the card. The middle portion was filled in with a piece of black cardstock. Next place the open card on a cutting mat and cut a small opening with your knife. The opening should be only as long as the tag is wide.

Decorate the front as desired. For the tag I used a strip of cream colored cardstock folded in half. A decorative punch was used on both ends of the strip. The strip is a little wider than a gift card. Punch the hole close to the card to keep it in place. Use a piece of ribbon to close it. Decorate the tag with a phrase or other embellishments.

A quick an easy card with a golden touch... stay tuned for more to come...

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