November 21, 2016

Cute little boxes with Chocolate - Craft Show Part 2

I love to create little chocolate treats that bring a smile on any guest. This time I used Hershey's Kisses for the filling. Yes, believe it or not, but these cut boxes contain two kisses inside.

The first boxes I made were the Christmas ones. They took a little time since the ribbon goes through the layers and the lid is closed with a bow. I found the idea to this box on Cristina's blog

Being a bit more experienced in making them, the second round of sets got easier. This time I skipped the ribbon part and closed the lid with the oval shaped tag. The lid simply tugs behind it.

Both Christmas papers are from an older set of Close to My Heart papers. Glitter paper and stamps are from current sets.

These cuties make great plate decorations for any party or you can use them as place cards too. Well I can't show you a close up since they all sold out. 
Leave me a comment what you think about them or if you like to know how to make them....I would love to hear from you...Stay tuned for more gift ideas.


  1. So cute! I bet you sold a lot of them! Great stocking stuffer...I mean who doesn't like chocolate! I checked out paper smiley to get the instructions for this and can't understand a word, LOL. I'm going to see if I copy it and put it into Google translate it will make sense. Thanks for sharing your source.

  2. LOL I forgot it was in German. I can make an English version for you. It is really not that complicated, but I know Google translation can be tricky :-) We had a lot of laughs with their translations sometimes. I changed mine up just a little