February 3, 2017

Technique: Shaving Cream Marbleizing - Part 2

Last Friday's blog post was all about what you need for this great "Shaving Cream Marbleizing" and how to get started. 

Now this Friday's post is all about the outcome of this wonderful technique.

Beside some inky fingers and colorful sink in the kitchen and some really good smelling papers, it is amazing to see what comes out of this foamy technique.

As you see on the picture on the left, I had a lot of fun and got a lot of samples out of this run. 

Depending on the preparation of your foam and color combinations, you can get a really nice variety of marbles.

Remember, the first time you set the technique up, you prepare the foam with all the different colors and mix them well before you add the paper into the foam. Both of these samples above show the first time I put the paper into the color mixture.

The second run and results are very similar to the first one. I simply added a few more colors to the mixture. I didn't added the foam that I scraped of the first one back into my sheet yet. That's why the colors and marbles come out similar to the first one.

The next step was to add all the scraped foam back to the sheet, mix it well and add more of the colors that would stand out from the overall color mixture in on the sheet.


Since the base mixture is now tinted more with color, the paper will have a deeper base coat than the white from the paper. In the picture above it is more of a peach color, while the blue sample has a really nice light blue tint to it (Sorry, this doesn't show to much on this picture)

So, but mixing in the used foam and adding more colors to it, you paper will have a nice base coat plus a lot of marbling. The second peach picture in this segment also shows you what happens when you dip your paper in the mixture and start pulling it through the foam. Nice waves, aren't they?

Here are a couple of the samplers I made in all three different color stages. I will make more cards with those papers in the weeks to come....I am even of thinking to use it for some pretty paper flowers. What do you think?

These two are pictures of a test I ran with some black cardstock. This is working really good with the acrylic paints, but I am not sure if the food colors or re-inkers would show up like this. 

I love the marbles, but the only draw back by using black cardstock is that a slight white soapy residue is left on the cardstock when you pull the saving cream off. 

Otherwise stunning on the black!

Let me know what you think of these samples and what would you like to use them for? Share your ideas and leave a comment....I would love to hear from you.


  1. I love your results on the black card stock. And what a good idea about making paper flowers out of some of the samples!!

  2. Wow, just fantastic! Love the randomness of the colors and streaks of color on both the white and black papers!