March 31, 2017

Nostalgic Easter Card

 Welcome to our Easter Card Class we had in March. I am a little late with my postings and my apologies for this delay. Sometimes things don't work the way you plan them and when your camera goes on strike it's getting only worse from there....
...I am still not happy with my pictures, but they have to do for now, before I get even more behind. Maybe it's time for a new camera? 

So, in March we worked on some Easter cards and this is the first of four. I won this lovely stamp set with the antique hyacinths and eggs from Anna Griffin and I thought they make the perfect starting point for our Easter cards.

The base is a regular 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" colonial white (cream) card. I cut a piece of 4" x 5 1/4" colonial white cardstock and die-cut a big oval shape in the center of it. The green cardstock is cut with the Cricut. I used an oval scalloped shape and run it through my embossing machine. 

To ensemble the card, first stamp the decorative corner onto the cream cardstock with the oval cut out. Adhere piece centered to the card base and layer the green cardstock with foam dots into the center of the oval cut out.

Next you need to stamp the hyacinths and eggs. I used sponge dabbers to add the ink to the stamp set. I started with the purple color and dabbed it onto the flowering part of the stamp. I dabbed the green in along the leaves and stems and finalize the pot with cocoa brown ink. Once all ink layers are applied I stamped the image on cream cardstock with a good amount of pressure. You have to work quick with the inks and in case a test stamping doesn't give you a good result, try huffing on the stamp before placing it onto the paper.

The eggs are inked up like normal and also stamped on cream cardstock. Now comes the fun part....fuzzy cutting! Yes, you have to cut around the flowers and eggs.

Now all that is left is to decorate the flowers and eggs to the front of the card. A little Easter greeting and this card is done.

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