August 4, 2017

August Super Special 2 - "Jump for Joy" - Close to My Heart

Jump for Joy Hostess Special

And here is a special for all hostesses out there who will hold a gathering this month! 

For August Close to My Heart is bringing back an exciting special just for hostesses: when your Gathering party reaches the third level of Hostess Rewards or higher, your rewards will “jump up” a level, which means you will get EXTRA Hostess Rewards and maybe even an extra 50%-off item! This special is sure to have your August hostesses jumping for joy!

Don't miss out on this super offer. Remember, the brand new Annual Idea Book just went live so you can fill your orders with all the new products from the Idea Book, plus there is still time left to order products from the Season Expressions Book 2. Check both Idea Books out by clicking HERE!

Book your gathering with me today or ... start an online gathering and invite your friends from all over the country to join you :-) and take at advantage of the Warehouse Sale too....let's go! What are you waiting for?
Sent me an email and we schedule your party today.

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