August 25, 2017

Technique: Stamping On Patterned Paper! - Part 1

I hope you had fun hopping along with us last week. This technique hop is so amazing and I love all the different ideas everyone comes up with. So before we start working on Septembers technique, let's have a closer look at this months projects, shall we? I started out by picking my stamps and patterned papers, again not to busy designs since I would lose the stamped images. Today I will show you a bit more about the blow fish. The flower projects will come next week and the two ladies maybe some other time ;-)

I started with stamping my fish on the orange doted and green striped papers. I used a sprinkled white paper for the cake and stamped it twice on it as well. No some fuzzy cutting. I cut the fish out of the orange and green, cut the head off the body and mixed them up. Voila ... two fishes are done. 
I already had cut two green and blue mats to go on the front and inside of my card and I also cut my two cakes out, including the candles (well almost). I place one fish and cake on each mat set and played around ... I noticed that the first color combo of the fish looked like he was "normal", orange head, green body...the other combo made him look like he turned green from too much blowing. And that's when I had the idea to do a little two level card. I had my card base already cut at 4 1/4 x 11 and folded in half, so what could I do to make it open in two ways?

This is what I came up with. I used my card base with the fold to the left. I adhered the green mat in the center of the front of the base and place the blue one on top. They both are just 1/8 smaller of each other and the white base. (so just a small frame). Next I cut a strip of the green paper about 1/8 smaller than the blue one I just adhered and about 7 1/2 long. I laid the strip on top of the blue, lining in up so I had even space on the left side, top and bottom. I then folded the rest of the green strip over on the ride side. Make a nice crease.

The part that was folded over is not adhered to the white inside of the card base. Yes, you will have a short green piece of cardstock right on the inside of your card. But no worries, I covered it up with the second set of green and blue mats we cut earlier. Now all that is left is to cut another piece of blue cardstock that will fit on the top of the green we placed on the front, again about 1/8 smaller. So just measure and cut and adhere.   I know, describing it is a bit complicated, but the last picture might explain it the best. You end up with a card where you open the first panel to the right and the second (your original card base front) to the left.

To decorate, I adhered the green fish body direct to the first panel and raised the head with some foam dots. The cake is also adhered flat to the panel. I added a phrase that came with the stamp set to the upper right corner and draw a string and little hook by hand. Now open the panel to the right and decorate the second part.

The fish is adhered the same way I did the first one. I made sure it disappeared right behind the first panel. The cake was adhered direct to the card as well, but ...well you know accidents can happen and while I was cutting the second cake, I cut of some of the candles....happy accident!!!! I cut them all off, separated them a bit and added them back to the cake in a more blown over fashion....this fish had to much air LOL
A glitter paper Happy Birthday is added to this layer and I called it done.
There is plenty of room to write a personal message on the inside. 
I hope you liked this little excursion on how to stretch your card bases just a little. Hard to explain, but I hope it made sense. If not, please feel free to contact me :-) Leave a comment and let me know what you would have done with this little blower fish.

Stay tuned for more cards next Friday and the launch of the brand new Seasonal Holiday Book from Close to My Heart...see you soon

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