November 17, 2017

A Year of Card Techniques ~ November Blog Hop ~ Masking Magic!

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Welcome to A Year of Card Techniques Blog Hop where each month we feature a different card technique. We’ve assembled a team of card makers who range from new to advanced, so you’ll see a great variety of cards and ideas.
This month we’re going to explore masking techniques.  There are so many variations of masking, it would be difficult to list them all here.  But, since pictures speak louder than words, we’ll let our team show you the masking techniques they opted to try.  Hopefully, we’ll inspire you to try one yourself.  If you would like to check out our past technique hops, you can do that here:
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While the year is slowly coming to an end I have to say it was so much fun working every month on these wonderful techniques. I hope you enjoyed every moment as much as I did.

 But let's get back to this months challenge. We all have dies at home right? Some come with matching stamps and others are on there own. Well this month we were trying to find a way to get more out of our dies. So what else can you do with them?

I settled on a pair of snowflakes I found in my stack of things. First order of the challenge, I ran them through my BigShot and put them on my desk. 

Looking at the cut-outs and the negative space they left I thought about creating two cards by using both "cut-outs".

I stared with the snowflake die-cuts. I put some removable adhesive on the back of them and adhered them temporary to a piece of white cardstock. I used a sponge daubber and some distress inks in different hues of blue to cover the white cardstock completely. Then I had the great idea to use some of my shimmer paint to add little sprinkles to the piece....well.... instead of sprinkles I emptied the whole container over my cardstock.....yikes! But as I always say, there are not mistakes ;-) I grabbed a piece of kitchen paper and soaked up the excess....which left me with a beautiful shimmer on my cardstock. It looks up-close like the milky-way. I then removed the snowflakes which left me with two beautiful white impressions.

 For my second card I used the negative space of the die-cuts as a template. I started with the smaller flake and three different hues of blue. I randomly laid the template down and sponged the colors on. Last I used the big flake and some really light blue distress ink to fill in the empty space. As you can see really soft so overlapping the colors wasn't a problem.

 When you try this with your negative cuts, just make sure you hold the template well in place and be careful sponging in between the fine cutouts. 

You can use removable adhesive to hold it down too, but it works with out if you are careful applying the inks.
 From my first example I created the card seen on the left here. I matted it with some silver foiled cardstock. I also cut the big snowflake from silver paper and offset it on the white . A few rhinestones and a little greeting finishing this card up.

I do love how the colors blend in from light to dark which makes the white snowflakes really stand out. And my shimmer paint accident made a real special effect...have to remember that!
For my second sample I used some mat silver cardstock as the matting part of the card. Since the blues were a bit strong for my taste, I layered a piece of vellum on top to tune it down just a bit.

Another silver snowflake and a few rhinestone complete this card to.

So when you look through your dies, always remember to think outside the box and used them in a few other ways than planed. I hope you enjoyed this months hop and I will have more detailed information about both of these cards on my Friday follow-ups on the blog here. So make sure to check back often and don't forget to leave a comment below and on the way.

Now this is the end for this months blog hop. Hope you had fun and thanks for stopping by.  See you next month with another great technique!

Always remember:
"Art comes from the heart.

So there is never a right way or a wrong way;

there is only Your Way."
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November 10, 2017

Craft Show Time in Milford this Saturday

It is Craft Show time again...

Come see me at St.Mary Our Lady of the Snows Church in Milford,MI this Saturday, November 11th from 9 am- 3 pm. Address: 1955 E Commerce Rd, Milford, MI 48381

Lots of unique vendors and items can be found at this Craft Show. I will have many new items made from paper for you. Cute little teachers, Thanksgiving or Christmas gifts and decorations.

How about these items?
- candles and tea lights in unique boxes
- tea cups and hot chocolate mugs made from paper with delicious fillings
- cards for all occasions including lots of Christmas cards
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Hope to see you on Saturday and spread the word, bring a friend and have some fun.

November 8, 2017

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November 3, 2017

Technique: Waterfall Cards - Part 2

Here is the second waterfall card I made for the blog hop. This time I used an old Close to My Heart stamp set I found in my stack. This one turned out to be my favorite one for this technique since it creates a little movement while puling out the tab.

The parts that I used for this card are:
- card base in daisy white 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 
- CTMH "poppy" red cardstock 4 1/4" x 5 1/2"
- Christmas design paper series 2016 cut at 3 3/4" x 5"
- strip "poppy" redcardstock 2" x 9"
- strip "poppy" red cardstock 1" x 4 1/4"
- 4 squares off "poppy" red cardstock 2" x 2"
- 4 squares off daisy white cardstock 1 3/4" x 1 3/4"
- 2 brads and my Santa and reindeer stamp sets

The cardstock strip measuring 2" x 9" is scored at 2", 2 3/4", 3 1/2", 4 1/4" along the 9" side. Fold and crease all score lines.
Adhered the Christmas design paper centered to the "poppy" red cardstock (not the card base!). Fold your 9" at the 4 1/4 line over and lay it (no adhesive!) on to the Christmas paper piece. This folded strip has a longer side and a short one. Place the longer side down, facing the shorter side with the rest of the scorelines up. Depending if your waterfall is going horizontal or vertical make sure you have an even distance from the outsides top/bottom and left/right. I created this card horizontal so my pull out tab is on the right side.

Now take the 1" red cardstock strip and place it over the 9" strip flush with the sides of the bottom piece. Move it down to the point were the right part of the 1"strip (in my case) is flush with the end of the shorter side of the 9" folded pieces. Hard to explain, but it should look like this:
The part of the 9" strip with all the scorelines is flush at the end with the little 1" strip while the bottom part of the 9" sticks out underneath about 1/2".

Carefully remove the 9" strip holding the 1" in place. Place a little adhesive on each end of the 1" strip and adhered it to the Christmas design paper piece. (no adhesive in the middle of the strip!) Punch a hole on either side of the 1" strip through all three layers of the sandwich for the brads. Place each hole more towards the sides. Inset brads and bend ends on the back side over.

Next we add the 9" strip to the sandwich. Make sure your scorelines are creased back and forth. Slight the longer half of the 9" folded at the 4 1/4" mark underneath the fastened 1" piece. Place the shorter part of the 9" on top of the 1" piece. Your 2" part of the strip should be the first one touching the 1" strip. Place about 1/4" strip of adhesive on the right edge of the 2" part and adhere it on top of the 1" piece flush and centered. This is it for the mechanism. Before you continue decorating, carefully pull the part underneath the 1" strip to the side and make sure your creases on top peak up and move underneath. Continue to move the strip back and forth so the mechanism is working smoothly.  
Now to the finishing touches. In my case I stamped my images in black ink on the white squares. Well, the stamp looks like this: Santa and sleigh plus three reindeer. Naturally they didn't fit on the little squares and then I thought about this:
I stamped the first square with the Santa and the end of one of the reindeer. For the second square I stamped the first two reindeer of the set on it. The third square was stamped with the second and last reindeer. This way I stretch the reindeer a bit, but when the tab is pulled out, the reindeer are moving ;-). For the last square I used the HOHOHO that came with the set. 

Next I added the stamped squares in the center of each of my 4 cardstock squares. Looking at the 9" strip on the sandwich you should see four score lines. Take the first square, add about 1/4 adhesive to one side and line it up with the 2" fold line. Adhere it to the score line, but don't go over the crease. Take the second square and add it the same way to the next score line....continue with the remaining two squares. The last square should line up with your 4 1/4" fold of the strip. In between each square I pulled out the strip to make sure things are working smoothly.

Now add the rest of your embellishments to the card. Don't use foam dots, adhere them just flat to the squares. Make sure they don't stick over the squares to much otherwise they might get stuck on the 1" strip when you try to pull it through. I placed a simple red rhinestone to the nose of the last reindeer ;-) and few green ones for the HOHOHO. 

If you done everything correct, you can pull out the lower strip part while the top squares fold up and disappear underneath the strip. Ad a message on the pull out part and decorate so your recipient knows to pull this part to get the message. Las but not least, add the assembled piece to your card base and decorate the inside of your card. By finishing everything this way, the ends of the brads will disappear between your sandwich and the card base ;-)

I know this all sounds a bit complicated, but it is really pretty simple. Hard to explain here than actually making it. Ones you are familiar how this mechanism works it will be a breeze to make these cards. 

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions about this technique and anything else you might see here on the blog. I would love to hear from you. Sent me pictures of your creations too :-) I would love to see what you made. I hope you enjoyed our little excursion into the world of Waterfall Cards. I sure love them and I am pretty sure these will not be my last ones to make. Take care and check back often.