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Close to My Heart products are sold only through consultants like myself and I'll try to make it as easy for you as I can. While you have the possibility to order from my website, you might be missing out on some really great deal or free products.

Holding a Gathering 
One option to order your own products and receive free products is by holding a gathering. Invite your crafty friends and we will spend a few hours together looking at Close to My Heart products and testing some, creating a little make and take together and I can answer question you might have. We can meet at your house, my house or where ever you like.

Holding an Online-Gathering
This is a great option for all that don't want to fuzz with meetings at their house or for those who have many crafty friends but all live outside your state. No matter where you life, no matter what state you are in, contact me to set up an online gathering. All you have to do is sent the online party link to your friends. Have them order online and everything will go into one party.

Email me your order
Last but not least, you can always sent me your order via email. If your order totals $150 or more, make sure to contact me before you place your order online. No matter if you order by yourself or have 1-2 friends included.

For all customers to know:

Why should you contact me first for orders more than $150?

That's when your Free Products come into play. Close to My Heart offers multiple different Free Products depending on the order size.

Order total $150-$249   Free Products $25
Order total $250-$349   Free Products $40    One Item  50% off
Order total $350-$449   Free Products $60    One Item  50% off
Order total $450-$549   Free Products $80    Two Items 50% off
and so one

You can choose the "50% off" item from all products of the current Idea Books incl. our Cricut Cartridges etc.
The free product amount is limited to inks, papers and stamps and a few more items.

In the event, you have a personal order of $150 or more, you can receive free product, but you have to contact me so we can set up a gathering for you. If you order from my website as a single order, you will not be able to collect the free products!

Don't miss out on the free items. I am more than happy to work with you so you can get the best deal out of your order.

CLICK HERE to email me your order or questions.

Let me know if you have questions and I am looking forward to hearing from you


Claudia Henderson

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