Inks Info

What are the different components of inks?

There are two main components to every ink, colorant and carrier. The colorant makes your paper change color, while the carrier is a liquid that transfers the colorant from your tool to your project. The liquid then evaporates and leaves the color behind.
Colorants come as dyes or pigments.
Dyes soak into the paper and change its color, while pigments sit on top of the surface and hide the color of the surface underneath. Dyes tend to dry faster because they bind with the paper. Pigments dry slowly since they are thicker and sit on top.
Dye-based ink pads are usually made of felt and have a thinner consistency, which is great for detailed stamping. Pigment-based ink pads are typically made with sponge or foam pads and are of more vibrant color. The thicker consistency makes the slow drying ink great of embossing powder.
Carriers come as water or solvent liquids.
The carrier keeps the ink liquid until applied to a surface. Once evaporated, it leaves the dye or pigment behind.  Solvent-base inks usually tend to have a rubbing alcohol-type smell, while water-based inks have no odor.

Why is this important to know you ask?

You can apply any of these inks to a porous surface like uncoated paper. Stamping on nonporous surfaces like acrylic, metal or glossy paper water-based inks will not work. 

Which ink products does Close to My Heart offer?

First, check out the new magnetic Exclusive Ink® pads from Close to My Heart. They store the inks always close to the surface and they give you the best coverage on your stamps and they are super easy to open and close.

Second, here are the pros and cons of different type of inks:

The Exclusive Inks®

  • come in a variety of colors
  • are water-based dye inks
  • dye ink absorbs directly into your paper and allows the colors to blend easily with the material
  • dry quickly on porous surfaces
  • use a felt pad for crisp impressions
  • blend with water brushes or blending pens
  • use regular stamp cleaner with this ink
  • these inks are recommended for most stamping projects
  • They are not for projects where you plan to use watercolors or coloring with alcohol markers after stamping the image

Pigment Exclusive Inks®

  • come in colors White Daisy,  and a few other colors
  • are water-based pigment inks
  • These inks settle on top of your material rather than soaking into it
  • This allows you to stamp lighter colors on darker materials
  • dry slowly on surfaces
  • use a foam pad and therefore the impression is not as clear
  • will show up on darker paper (awesome)
  • once dry they work well for coloring in with your markers or watercolor inks
  • the pigment inks will form a permanent bond with your paper and will resist blending when you color over them
  • always shake re-inker before applying on ink pad
  • wash stamp under warm water first, then use regular stamp cleaner

Archival Black Exclusive Ink 
  • is an archival ink pad
  • dries quickly
  • can be used with your watercolor pencils, watercolors or water-based inks with the blending pen
  • this ink will not retire, please contact me for more information

Memento Tuxedo Black Ink

  • The Memento ink pad gives you another archival quality ink
  • works for any stamping project
  • can be used with alcohol markers
  • can be used with watercolors
  • or any other coloring option
  • drys quickly
  • make sure to close the lid when not been used
  • regular stamp cleaner
  • it is not shown in the Idea Book, but will be available at the end of Sep 2016... please contact me for more information

StazOn Inks

  • come in colors black and brown
  • are dye-based and solvent-based
  • dry quickly on all surfaces including nonporous
  • permanent inks, archival and water resistant
  • these inks can dry out quick, therefore keep the included inner plastic liner on the pad
  • great for water coloring since the image stamp will not bleed
  • do not use with alcohol markers, since the alcohol will dissolve the stamped image (use black archival ink instead)
  • Clear impression on all surfaces except paper
  • only use special StazOn stamp cleaner


  • is a clear pigment-based ink
  • dries slowly on all surfaces
  • can be used as a watermark on colored paper
  • acts like a glue for embossing or chalk powder