March 1, 2020

New Idea Book March - April is Here

It is Here!

Welcome to the new edition of the Seasonal Idea Book for March and April. Brand new paper pack, stamp sets and embellishments along side with new thin cuts and so much more. Have a look at the new book online by clicking HERE.

Remember all items from this book will only be available from March 1st until April 30st or in some cases while supplies last. We do have a few products from the previous book that are extended into this book cycle because shipments of them had been delayed in ports due to the corona virus issues we currently have. To know which products are extended, contact me for more information.

Whatever was left of the previous book papers etc might be still available in the “online only” section on my website, but no guaranties since this is all on while supplies last bast and many have been sold out.

Have browsing and please feel free to contact me for more information or with any questions you might have.