April 29, 2016

Frozen - Olaf and Olaf - Page Layout

Here is another sample of a Frozen layout I made. This time I picked Olaf as the main character and the nice Frozen title to go with it.

Let talk a bit about how to start one of these layouts. I usually look at the characters I pick and take my inspiration from there. For example, Olaf is a snowman after all, so snow, snowflakes, whites and blues and a bit of glitter would work great here.

Looking through my stack of papers I found a design paper with white, blue and red dots on it. It's a Christmas paper, but I think more of winter of it and the red gives a little pop of color to the layout. Next I picked a dark blue cardstock pulled from the Frozen title and a light blue cardstock picked from the title and Olaf's mouth. These are the main three papers I used here. 

Try to keep the amount of different papers used in a layout to 3-4. This will make it easier for you to create your design. Make sure you add a neutral color to the group, white, cream, brown, grey or black for example. 

As I mentioned before, all these fun characters and the title were cut with the Cricut Explore. Lot's of layers and tiny pieces, but worth the effort. The beauty of using a Cricut cutting machine is that beside cutting different size, you can easily mirror the image which gives you even more layout options. 

With all the colors and the fun and crazy character I picked, I thought a layout with many squares would be a great idea. I cut my three papers in 3" x 3" squares and rounded the corners. The hard part was to lay them down in a pattern that looks random, but will not place two of the same color next to each other. Once the squares were place I looked at a rather busy design. To bring it all together, I decided to use plain Daisy White cardstock as my background paper. 

In the next step I adhered all my squares to the background. If you are not sure the previous layout of your squares will be the one you end up using, place them on the white cardstock without adhering. I often also add my characters, title and embellishments (here the snowflakes) to it. This makes it easy to see the almost finished pages and you can easily move things around and see if other option might work better....I call this "Dry Fitting"! Sometimes an idea I started with changes during this process.

If I am happy what I see I start putting things in place with adhesive. I usually add the characters with foam dots to the pages. Title and squares are glues direct to the paper. Some squares might be on foam dots depending on how much more 3d effect I need.

The extra white squares (2 3/4") are added to a few colored squares. Those can be uses for photos or as journaling etc. Depending on the amount of photos you have, you can always use any of the other squares as photo mats as well. Snowflakes are added with foam dots and I used blue rhinestones as snowballs for the juggling Olaf's. Once everything was adhered I looked at my layout and still, something was missing. I decided to add hand-drawn stitching around the pages and some of the squares. 

Each layout is individual and depending on the the characters different colors and designs are used. Try it yourself and see how much fun it can be to make a layout for your photos.

You can join me for a page making class working on layouts specifically fitting your photos. Like to order a layout? No problem, whatever it is you like to know or do, email me for more information. Come join me and see how easy it can be. Stay tuned for more to come ...

April 27, 2016

"La Vie En Rose" - Anniversary Card

Here are few more pictures of the other shaker card I made for this months blog hop. If you have missed the hop, click HERE to check it out and leave a comment. It is not too late to enter for some really nice prices.

This card started out as a piece of white cardstock cut at 4 1/4" x 5 1/2". I die-cut the bigger and smaller heart with my "Little-B" heart shaped die-cut set. Looking a little blank, I added some embossing lines. All you need is a score board or your paper trimmer to create the diagonal lines. When you use your trimmer, simply remove your blade, place the paper over the cutting channel and use a stylus or a bone folder and line it up with the cutting channel. Make sure to apply some pressure, but not too much so you cut the paper. Follow the channel. If your lines is not deep enough, go over it again and press a little harder. Spacing between the lines is totally up to you!

Next I found this gorgeous design paper from Close to My Heart...roses! The paper pack is called "La Vie En Rose" (X7201B) and it contains beside this marvelous rose design some really need black and white designs. So, I cut a piece of the rose paper that fitted right behind both hearts. I also used the backside of the paper and placed two strips on the bottom and top of my card base front. I cut the bottom of my white cardstock piece by about 1" to have the black paper show on both ends. 

The shaker portion is created as described in this post....click HERE!

I added a "Happy" cut out a stamped "Anniversary" word and a little bow to the card and my Anniversary with roses is done.

If you have questions or like to join one of my monthly classes or simply like to learn one specific technique, please feel free to email me.

Stay tuned for more....

April 25, 2016

May Stamp of the Month "Celebrate with Cake"

Coming up in May is not only the brand new Close to My Heart Seasonal Expressions Book 2, oh no, there is more ...

The stamp of the month for May is this wonderful set called "Celebrate with Cake" (S1605).

This is such a great set and I am sure you will find plenty of occasions to use it for. 

This stamp set will only be available during the month of May and you can get it for only $5. All you have to do is place an order of $50 or more on my website or via email to me and you will be able to get this special price of only $5. The set can also be purchase regular without any extras for $17.95.

Well, don't miss out and remember, to combine this special with the May paper pack special (more about this pack coming up)!!!!! Here are a few examples with the new stamp set ... Contact me for orders or if you have questions!

April 22, 2016

Frozen - Anna - Page Layout

Here is another variation of the theme "Frozen" and a wonderful layout idea for your pictures.

This time I used the character of Anna for the design. Again, snowflakes and Anna where cut with the Cricut Explore. While the snowflakes are only one layered object, Anna comes in many little pieces. All these pieces have to be adhered together...little by little. Yes, even the blue of the eyes is a cut out piece!

Since Anna has a bit more pink and red in her dress, I thought it would be nice to use these colors this time.

I found a single sheet of this striped glitter paper in my stack and it fitted perfectly for this layout, beside a few red stripes in it. This red was not working with the pink of the character. But, my background paper is this light blue cardstock, so I simply cut the red stripes out and place the remaining strips on the blue cardstock. I left a little gap between the pieces where the red strip was and let the cardstock shine through. They fit so perfectly, you can't even tell.
So, whenever you have a design paper with a strip you can't use, think about cutting it out;)

I used Close to My Heart cardstock in peacock and pomegranate as my mat colors. 

All snowflakes were decorated with blue rhinestones and each photo mat was embellished with two little clear rhinestones. Can't have enough bling, right?

Make sure to cut some of your snowflakes in half and tuck them under the photo mats or have them fall of the page. I also like to doodle on the white mats which makes some layout designs more interesting.

Well, this was the third layout I made during the crop in March and like all the others, it is sold.
But, if you like to order a Frozen layout or create your own, contact me for more information.

April 20, 2016

"Safari Ballet" - Hippo Birthday Card

Where there is a giraffe, there has to be a hippo too right? I guess you might ask yourself right now: "What is she talking about?" ...:-)

It is the super cute Close to My Heart stamp set "Safari Ballet" (A1180) which I have used quite often lately. I presented you the little giraffe shaker card last week and this is the other half of the duo. 

Yes, another shaker card! I told you they are addicting. Design and assemble are like the first one, just the giraffe is swapped for the hippo. 

How to make a shaker card and how to avoid some of the common mistakes is explained in more detail in my blog post "Shaker Card Techniques" and you can read up on it right HERE...

I hope you will try a shaker card yourself and if you have questions or like to join a class, please feel free to email me.

April 18, 2016

Seasonal Expressions Book 2 - sneak peek

Welcome to sneak peek 2 of the new Seasonal Expressions Book.

Remember this picture from last week? So did you guess what items are new? 
Yes, these lovely flowers are one of the new stamp sets from the Seasonal Expressions Book 2. The stamp set also has a matching die set and both are called "A Bunch of Love"! Aren't they lovely?

You can create so many things with both, the stamps and the dies. I am already playing with the set (that is one of the advantages of being a consultant) and let me tell you, I have too much fun ;-). I can't wait to show you what wonderful things you can do with them.

In case you wonder, the Close to My Heart "Thin Cuts" do not require one specific die-cutting machine. So no matter if you own a Cuttlebug, a Big Shot or any other die-cutting machine on the market, they will work with all of them.

I also thought I give you a quick look of one of the new sequins packages you will find in the book. Love these new colors....and wait until you see the matching papers to go with it.

Well, release day is almost here and if you want your personal copy of the new book early, contact me for more information. Otherwise CLICK HERE on May 1st and check the book out online.

Stay tuned for more updates and news....

April 15, 2016

Frozen - Sven and Olaf - Page layout

Here is another layout with the "Frozen" theme.

This time I used Sven and Olaf in the layout. White and glitter blue snowflakes decorating the page.

The title "Frozen" comes, like the characters in multiple layers and these were cut with the Cricut Explore as well. Assembling Olaf is a bit easier than working on Sven. He has many parts and many many tiny ones on top!
But I think he was worth it and turned out great. 

In this page layout design I matted all pictures with either colored cardstock or design paper. To bring both sides together I placed a strip of design paper on the bottom of each page. 

Instead of having the characters float on the page, I cut two strips of Close to My Heart white glitter paper, rounded the top corners and used them as snowy ground.
Now it looks like they float on an ice-sheet. 

I always like to pick cardstock and design papers that complement the theme and the request of my customer. The person who ordered this layout at the last crop I attended, wanted multiple characters on different layouts. Also colors mixed for boys and girls, so I would say this is more for the boys, or?

I always like to add a good amount of pictures to the layouts, but I can add as many as you wish...well almost ;)

Once I placed Olaf on his sheet of ice I thought he needed something in his hands. Well what better than a few snowballs. 

I placed those with foam dots around Olaf and added a little bit of glitter to them. I usually place all the characters on foam dots to the pages, since this makes them stand out even more.

When I cut my mats for the photos, I usually cut them 4" x 6", 3"x 4" or 3" x 3". This makes it easier to use the space on the pages and it makes your paper go a long way! Why? Because you have less scrap material left as if you would when you cut your mats with an extra 1/4" to fit your photos. For me it is easier to cut a 1/4" off my photo to make them fit on the mat.

How do you like this layout? Please leave a comment and email me if you like to purchase a layout for your pictures or if you would love to come by and create your own.

April 13, 2016

"Safari Ballet" - Giraffe Birthday Card

If you haven't seen this wonderful stamp set yet, you have to check it out. The "Safari Ballet" (A1180) stamp set from Close to My Heart is one of my favorite ones. It is one of the smaller sets, but so versatile and "tu tu cute" :-)

This months "Year of Techniques" blog hop theme are shaker cards and they were so much fun to create that I had to do one with this stamp set! Well, actually I made two from the set, couldn't miss out on the hippo could I?

Shaker cards can be a bit intimidating at the beginning, but when you follow a few little rules and star with a more simpler shape, you will see how easy they are....and addicting too!

I created a blog post on the "how to" portion of the shaker card which you can check out HERE...

So for this card you only need a few items:

- card base 8 1/2" x 5 1/2" folded in half
- design paper 4 1/4" x 5 1/2"
- cardstock 4" x 5 1/4"
- piece of acetate/ plastic to cover the cut out star
- embellishments ...here my stamped, colored and cut out giraffe, a die-cut happy, a stamped birthday phrase and some rhinestones
- for the shaker filling I used sequins of different size and color and tiny glass beads

I used a star die and my die-cutting machine to create the cut out for the shaker part.

Products used:

Close to My Heart
Card base, hollyhock cardstock, Cricut cut-out "happy", stamp sets "Safari Ballet" (A1180) and "Happy to be Friends" (C1605), black ink and rhinestones

none CTMH products: design paper, sequins, beads and markers used for coloring

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me. If you like a schedule of my upcoming classes or like to sign up for one, please email me for more information. All cards and other crafted products shown on the blog are available for purchase....stay tuned for more to come 

April 11, 2016

Seasonal Expressions Book 2 is coming May 1st!

I am sure you are waiting impatiently for the start of the brand new Close to My Heart book, right? Well, the new Seasonal Expressions Book 2 will be available on May 1st and is valid until August 31st. So many new things coming your way and I will give you a little sneak peek every week until the book goes live.

Remember, since there are so many new items and especially new "Thin Cuts" included, they might sell out before the expiration of the book, so be sure to order those early before they are gone. (happened in the first Expressions Book)

The new Annual Idea Book will go live on August 1st but, this been said, the current Idea Book will retire on July 31st and with it a lot of the stamp sets and all the paper packs.

Well, let's get back to the sneak peek and see what is coming...
First off... there will be three new paper packs including embellishments. One of them is called "Florence" and is coordinating with some thing in rose gold, new sequins packs and a beautiful new stamp set with matching dies. Next is the paper pack "Magical" an it comes with some sure magical extras. How about flamingos? "Calypso" is then the paper pack to pick and this has some really unique embellishments as well....did I mention "Thin Cuts"? 

Check back here often and see what else will be coming your way in May! (a little is shown in the picture, but I am not telling what it is :-) )

Make sure to contact me for your own personal copy of the Seasonal Expressions Book 2. Would you like to place an order or do you have questions for me? Just email me or check out my website....I would love to hear from you. 

April 10, 2016

Shaker Card Technique

Welcome to this months technique "Shaker Cards". This post is normally on my blog the Thursday before our monthly "Blog Hop" starts, but time got away from me...so sorry.

Well, let's see how difficult it is to create a shaker card. The good news, it is not complicated at all. The bad news, once you get a hold of this technique it is addicting:-).

So, what do you need to get started?

- design papers and cardstock (I am sure you have plenty of that ;-) )
- a sheet of clear acetate or thin plastic. (Thin plastic from packaging materials will work too)
- Thick foam pieces with adhesive on both sides. If you uses Scott's foam tape like I did here, you need to double it!
- and last but not least, filling material for your shaker part. This could be tiny beads, sequins, etc. Everything small and thin will work.

For beginners, you might want to start with a more simple shape for your shaker window. A circle, square or like I used here a star is perfect. You can also cut out your own shape with a craft knife or scissors (see the "Best Wishes" card with the vase I made).

Measure your paper that will go on the front of your card. Cutting it after the shaker is done will be super difficult. Next punch, die-cut or hand cut your shape were you like your shaker window to be. 

If you plan on stamping any phrases or words to the front of your card, do it now!!! Once the shaker is done you will not be able to do it anymore.

Cut a piece of your acetate/ plastic that will cover the opening graciously with a nice amount of plastic around the cut out. Next you will need your foam tape.

As I mentioned, I used Scott's foam tape 1/2" wide. I tried to use only one layer of the tape in the example on the right here. It did work with just those few sequins in it, BUT it is not shaking a lot. You need to double the layer of foam tape to archive the right shaking motion. 

I cut a long strip of my foam tape and adhered it together with a second strip (same length). Now I have my two layers perfectly lined up. I then cut the strip lengthwise in half so I ended up with two 1/4" strips. These will be plenty wide to close in the shaker part.

Start adding the foam tape around your opening, not into the opening! Position the tape slightly away from the opening and cute segments so you don't waste too much tape.  

Make sure that all your foam tape segments around the cut out are touching each other so there is no gap between them. Make sure of it, otherwise your shaker filling will fall out!!! 

Now you are ready to fill the shaker opening. You can put in as much filling as you want. Once you have all the content inside, remove the backing of the tap. 

To make it easier to position your shaker card on to your card base, cut a piece of cardstock or design paper slightly bigger than the foam taped area. Remember the paper you choose for this will be seen through the front shaker portion. Now place the piece on the foam tape and press down good along the shaker opening. This will seal the shaker pieces inside.

Now place a few more double stacked foam piece on the edge of your shaker front and place some glue on the paper you just added. Adhere it to your card base.

Decorate as desired :-)


Filling the shaker card can be done in different ways. I found this to be the easiest way. You can also dry-fit your prepared front onto your card base, add a pile of your filling in the middle of the card base where the shaker opening will be and carefully set the shaker front on top. Disadvantage of this method...you only have one shot to get the front straight on and/or filling pieces can get stuck on the tape.

In reverse, you prepare your front, place the filling inside the shaker opening and then place the card base on top. Again...only one shot to get things straight together!

One last option is to prepare your base. Take the front (without the plastic inside) place it over the base and mark the opening with a pencil. Remove front and prepare with clear window cover. Now add your foam tape to the markings on your card base. Stay always to the outside of the shape with the tape and make sure no openings are between the pieces left. Now fill the inside with shaker filling and place card front(including plastic!!!) with opening on top. Again, only one shot to get the positioning right. You have to work super exact with this one or leave a bigger margin around your drawing to ensure the foam tape will not stick inside the opening.

Once you have finished the first one, you will see how easy it really is and I am sure you gonna love it too.

Please leave a comment/ question here on the blog and don't hesitate to email me if you have questions or like to order something.

Happy crafting and stay tuned...more pictures of this months card technique will follow...

April 8, 2016

A Year of Card Techniques ~ April Blog Hop ~ Shaker Cards

Welcome to

It's month four of our year long adventure into different card-making techniques, folds and paper crafting products. We hope you got the chance to hop with us in January for the emboss resist technique an in February for ink layering. It's not to late to hop and comment.
If you missed January's hop, you can still hop and comment by starting HERE.
February's hop, you can still hop and comment by starting HERE.
March's hop, you can still hop and comment by starting HERE.

This month we will be creating shaker cards and you won't want to miss the amazing and fun cards we've got for you today.
We really love feedback, so please leave a comment on each of the blogs in today's hop. Each comment on the 12 hops throughout the year will be entered into a drawing for a $25 Blitsy.com gift certificate.

Now on with the projects

For this "Best Wishes" card I used just a small shaker element. I stamped my vase first, colored it in and then simply removed the inner part of the vase with a craft knife. Close the opening from the back with some acetate or thin clear plastic from a packaging and one part of the shaker is done. Place foam tape around the opening on the back, fill it with your shaker material and place a cover on the opening. Now you are ready to apply it to your card base and continue finishing your card. 

Shaker cards are a real fun way to make some noises... LOL. As you can see, I had way too much fun with it. Creating shaker cards is not that complicated, if you pay attention to a few rules. 
I will give a little instructions on how to make shaker cards on my Sundays blog post, so make sure to come back and check it out too. (Next month the intro about the techniques used will be back on the usual Thursday spot before the monthly blog hop day)

But let's see what else I came up with before you check out my fellow crafter's!

Roses are a wonderful way to celebrate Mother's Day or an Anniversary Day, don't you think? I love this rose paper from Close to My Heart called "La Vie En Rose" and it was just perfect for this project.

Here is another favor of mine: "Safari Ballet" is a stamp set (Close to My Heart) that I happen to fall in love with. The little ballerinas are so cute and perfect for a birthday, needless to say a shaker card, right?

I hope you enjoy this months projects and as always, we all love to hear from you so please, leave a comment and don't forget to hop along :-)

Up next is the wonderful Denise.

Keep on crafting and don't forget to comment!
Have a wonderful day


Here's today's line-up in case you get lost along the way

April 6, 2016

Seasonal Expressions 1 - Last Chance in April

April is you last chance to order some of the three awesome paper pack from the Seasonal Expressions Book 1. Two of the new Close to My Heart "Thin Cuts" are already sold out and all paper packs and accessories are only available while supply last. 

Have you seen the "Charlotte", "Penelope" and "Regatta" paper packs yet? These papers are so beautiful and you get a total of 12 sheets of design paper( 6 different designs double sided). Cardstock is not included in the new designed packs. You can order combo packs of cardstock or if you live in the area, you can get single sheets of cardstock from me as well.

The new Seasonal Expressions Book 2 will go life on May 1st and is packed with all sorts of new paper packs, stamps, thin cuts and embellishments. Stay tuned for some sneak peeks coming up soon ;-)

Many of our current stamp sets will retire on July 31st and to make sure you don't miss out on those you always wanted, here is a PDF with all the retiring sets.

- List of retiring stamp sets...CLICK HERE

- List of stamp sets moving to the new Annual Idea Book... CLICK HERE

Make sure to check back often to see a few previews of thing to come or sign up for my email newsletter. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions! 


April 4, 2016

April Stamp of the Month "Life in Pictures"

"Life in Pictures"

This month's Stamp of the Month is a wonderful set. Can't have enough cameras on hand or? I think these would make super embellishments for a more masculine card, don't you think?
Oh and I love the vintage models.

You can order this set during the month of April only. This is a D-size set and would cost you $17.95, but when you place an order of $50 on my website, you will be able to buy the set for only $5.00!

Don't miss out on this great set and remember, only available in April! If you have questions, please feel free to contact me!

April 1, 2016

Frozen - Olaf and Elsa - Page layout

Frozen is still everywhere and I love to create different layouts whit this theme. The next couple of Fridays will show you 5 more layouts with the theme "Frozen". I used my Cricut Explore and cut out just a few of the characters from the movie. Olaf and Elsa are used here. I have to say, these characters have a ton of parts and many are super tiny, which makes assembling them really tricky. But, it is worth the effort if you see how they look like at the end.

So for this layout I used a piece of glitter design paper (S.E.I.) that I had left from another project. I thought the glitter snow and the pines in the background make the perfect addition to my dark-blue background. I used some snowflakes cut outs to decorate the page. It is hard to see I think, but I used some of our Close to My Heart pigment inks (the small pads) and a few small snowflake stamps on the background as well.

Elsa turned out super cute,  don't you think? To make sure the lady that bought this layout from me could get her picture under the Elsa image, I raised it with foam dots and made sure not to place any adhesive on the bottom and the elbow area of the figurine. This way she can simply slip the picture right underneath.

I would love to hear what you think about this layout. Leave me a comment or email me. Questions? Like to order a layout or create a layout? Email me for more information!

 (All layouts of Frozen are individually made and will differ from each other!)