August 30, 2017

Holiday Expressions Book - Sneak Peek 5

This is the final sneak peek since the book will be available in two days. So set your alarms for September 1st and check out the new Season Expressions Book online.

For the final paper pack we have the gorgeous "Silver & Gold" (X7226B) paper pack left. Lots of foiled papers with glitter and glamour. This is the paper pack you need for an elegant approach on your holiday or anniversary picture. 

This paper pack includes 10 double sided sheets of paper, two of 5 design combos, plus there are two sheets of pocket sized pieces. These are great for journaling, accent pieces or cut apart to be used for your pocket scrapbooking. 

All paper packs come with coordinating cardstock packs, complement sets (stickers etc) and other matching embellishments. Here is an example of more bling ... "Gold Glitter" (Z3312) gems.

More matching glitter and foil papers, glitter trim's and embellishments are in the book and the annual Idea Book. 

Last but not least, one more stamp set bundle for you. Again so many more are in the book, but this one works great with the paper pack "Silver & Gold"

The set is called "Silver & Gold" (Z4042) and contains the stamp set see and the matching thin-cuts. 

Well, I hope these little sneak peeks shorten the time for you before you could see the book. You can see the book online on my website or contact me if you like a personal copy of the book.

Have fun browsing and please let me know if you have any questions. Orders can also be placed online on my website or via email....see you soon with new projects.

August 28, 2017

Holiday Expressions Book - Sneak Peek 4

Back are the traditional colors red and green in combination with some cooler blues and grays for the snow pictures you have.
This set is called "Beary Christmas" (X7225B).

It includes 10 double sided sheets of paper, two of 5 design combos, plus there are two sheets of pocket sized pieces. These are great for journaling, accent pieces or cut apart to be used for your pocket scrapbooking. 

All paper packs come with coordinating cardstock packs, complement sets (stickers etc) and other matching embellishments.

Here is one embellishment idea that matches the paper pack, "Beary Christmas" Dots (Z4038). These are super cute dots in three colors and a total of 90 for plenty of decorating.

While there are again so many new stamp sets with or without matching thin-cuts in the book, I thought I show you this one here.

Gingerbread Mr & Mrs with funny faces and decorations and some really cute phrases. This one is called "Gingerbread Friends" and comes in a bundle with thin-cuts (Z3378)

Stay tuned for one more exciting sneak peek before the new Seasonal Holiday Book will go live on September 1st.

August 25, 2017

Technique: Stamping On Patterned Paper! - Part 1

I hope you had fun hopping along with us last week. This technique hop is so amazing and I love all the different ideas everyone comes up with. So before we start working on Septembers technique, let's have a closer look at this months projects, shall we? I started out by picking my stamps and patterned papers, again not to busy designs since I would lose the stamped images. Today I will show you a bit more about the blow fish. The flower projects will come next week and the two ladies maybe some other time ;-)

I started with stamping my fish on the orange doted and green striped papers. I used a sprinkled white paper for the cake and stamped it twice on it as well. No some fuzzy cutting. I cut the fish out of the orange and green, cut the head off the body and mixed them up. Voila ... two fishes are done. 
I already had cut two green and blue mats to go on the front and inside of my card and I also cut my two cakes out, including the candles (well almost). I place one fish and cake on each mat set and played around ... I noticed that the first color combo of the fish looked like he was "normal", orange head, green body...the other combo made him look like he turned green from too much blowing. And that's when I had the idea to do a little two level card. I had my card base already cut at 4 1/4 x 11 and folded in half, so what could I do to make it open in two ways?

This is what I came up with. I used my card base with the fold to the left. I adhered the green mat in the center of the front of the base and place the blue one on top. They both are just 1/8 smaller of each other and the white base. (so just a small frame). Next I cut a strip of the green paper about 1/8 smaller than the blue one I just adhered and about 7 1/2 long. I laid the strip on top of the blue, lining in up so I had even space on the left side, top and bottom. I then folded the rest of the green strip over on the ride side. Make a nice crease.

The part that was folded over is not adhered to the white inside of the card base. Yes, you will have a short green piece of cardstock right on the inside of your card. But no worries, I covered it up with the second set of green and blue mats we cut earlier. Now all that is left is to cut another piece of blue cardstock that will fit on the top of the green we placed on the front, again about 1/8 smaller. So just measure and cut and adhere.   I know, describing it is a bit complicated, but the last picture might explain it the best. You end up with a card where you open the first panel to the right and the second (your original card base front) to the left.

To decorate, I adhered the green fish body direct to the first panel and raised the head with some foam dots. The cake is also adhered flat to the panel. I added a phrase that came with the stamp set to the upper right corner and draw a string and little hook by hand. Now open the panel to the right and decorate the second part.

The fish is adhered the same way I did the first one. I made sure it disappeared right behind the first panel. The cake was adhered direct to the card as well, but ...well you know accidents can happen and while I was cutting the second cake, I cut of some of the candles....happy accident!!!! I cut them all off, separated them a bit and added them back to the cake in a more blown over fashion....this fish had to much air LOL
A glitter paper Happy Birthday is added to this layer and I called it done.
There is plenty of room to write a personal message on the inside. 
I hope you liked this little excursion on how to stretch your card bases just a little. Hard to explain, but I hope it made sense. If not, please feel free to contact me :-) Leave a comment and let me know what you would have done with this little blower fish.

Stay tuned for more cards next Friday and the launch of the brand new Seasonal Holiday Book from Close to My Heart...see you soon

August 23, 2017

Holiday Expressions Book - Sneak Peek 3

Welcome to Fall! I know we are not there yet, but this paper pack sure makes you looking out for the season. It's called "Falling For You" (X7223B) and has all your favorite fall colors combined.

This paper pack, like all the others, includes 10 double sided sheets of paper, two of 5 design combos, plus there are two sheets of pocket sized pieces. These are great for journaling, accent pieces or cut apart to be used for your pocket scrapbooking. 

All paper packs come with coordinating cardstock packs, complement sets (stickers etc) and other matching embellishments.

I know you will love these embellishments... "Bronze Sequins" (Z4029) are a must with this paper pack. Hm, and maybe for some Christmas cheer?

Finally, here is another example of the new stamp sets in the book. Again, so many more stamps and Thin-Cuts are in the book and some come in a bundle like this one. "Falling For You" stamps and Thin-Cuts (Z4041) are only one of the fall sets.

Have a look and explore more on September 1st ....stay tuned for more!

August 21, 2017

Holiday Expressions Book - Sneak Peek 2

Today we start our sneak peek with the paper pack "Cats & Bats" (X7224B). Halloween is calling, but the papers are great for more than that...

This paper pack includes 10 double sided sheets of paper, two of 5 design combos, plus there are two sheets of pocket sized pieces. These are great for journaling, accent pieces or cut apart to be used for your pocket scrapbooking. 

All paper packs come with coordinating cardstock packs, complement sets (stickers etc) and other matching embellishments.

Here are the matching "Cats & Bats" Dots (Z4028) 

Last but not least, here is only one of the many stamp sets this new book offers. Some come with coordinating Thin-Cuts, like the "Cats & Bats" bundle (Z4045) seen here.

Have fun browsing through the new book starting September 1st and see how many more sets you will find.

Stay tuned for more to come ....

August 18, 2017

A Year of Card Techniques ~ August Blog Hop ~ Stamping On Patterned Paper!

Welcome to the

Welcome to A Year of Card Techniques Blog Hop where each month we feature a different card technique.  We’ve assembled a team of card makers who range from new to advanced, so you’ll see a great variety of cards and ideas.
We all love our stamp sets and we all love our patterned paper.  Well, this month we’re combining the two by stamping ON patterned paper for some unique projects.  It will be fun to see what stamps and papers our team decides to pair together. And if you would like to check out our past technique hops, you can do that here:

·         February-So Sketchy
·     March-no hop this month
·         April-Stamp Set Showdown
·         May-World of Watercolor
·         June-Basic Card Folds
·         July-Bleaching Your Card

Our amazing sponsor this month is Card a Day Challenge Blog.

Please take a moment to check out the CADC blog here.
And the awesome prize this month is:
Prize #1 

Prize #2

We really appreciate feedback, so please leave a comment on each of the blogs in the hop today. 
The winner will be announced on Sunday, August 27, 2017 on A Piece of (my) Heart’s blog, so be sure to go back and check her blog to see if you are the winner!  If you would prefer to be notified, please leave your email address in the comments and someone will contact you if you win. The winner will have until September 9, 2017 to claim their prize.

You should have arrived here from my talented friend SharonIf you're visiting  here first, you might want to start at the beginning so you don't miss a thing and increase your chances of winning by commenting on each blog.

Stamping on patterned paper ...well sounds easy enough for me, but there are a few little things to think about before you start. Best patterned paper to use are those with a more settled patterned. The wilder the design and color scheme is, the more you will lose your stamped image on it.

Let's start with some more simple patterns. I found this blue paper in my stack and thought it is perfect for the beginning. I know the paper looks like just blue, but it actually is a marbled piece, settle but lots of little "clouds" of blue. 

I used a new stamp set from Close to My Heart "Many Congratulations" (C1693) which contains these lovely flowers. I used my ZIG markers to color them in.

Like I said, very simple but a nice touch. It safes you from having to create your own background. If you wanted it really simple, you could have left the flowers without color, but I kind a like it this way. I mounted the piece on a piece of dark brown cardstock and used a corresponding paper to cover the front of my card base. Next I scored the front in half and creased the fold so it stands up. I adhered the flower piece only to the bottom of the card base (open part of this card is on the bottom).
To insure the card stays open, I placed a strip of the striped paper with my phrase on foam dots on the inside of the card. Easel card is done.

I found a green patterned paper just like this one and made another card with the same flowers stamped on it. Same technique different look. 

So if you are a beginner and like to try the stamping on patterned paper technique, start with some simple background papers. You will see how much fun it is.

Speaking of fun, I created one more card were I used a bit more of a patterned paper than in these two examples.

I had this funny blow fish stamp set from Art Impressions on my desk and while going through my patterned papers, I encountered an orange paper with big dots on it and a green striped paper that somehow coordinated with the orange one.... LOL. This is what came out of it:

I stamped my fish on the orange and green paper and cut the body and head out of each. Well look at this, I got two fishes now. Next I stamped the cake that came with the set on some paper that had sprinkle all over it. They looked like the kind you put on your cakes. I then cut both cakes out, yes...also around all these candles. 

Now what? I was thinking back and forth what to do with this funny looking fishes....and then cutting out my last cake, I accidentally cut some of the candles off. Great idea...let's cut them all of and separate them a bit. Yeap, I am crazy! ;-)

The measurements and instructions will be on my post next Friday since it would take to long to explain here.

I did some coloring on the cake, since the paper I used was just white with sprinkles and I needed a bit more color. 

I also added some white in the fishes eyes to make them pop. The card starts with the fish starting to blow out the candles like the sign on the hook suggests. 
Then you open the first panel to the right and on the next panel (which is the front of my original card base) you will see the fish a bit green in his face from all the blowing....and some messed up birthday cake. 
Open this panel to the left and you will revel your birthday message. 

Stamping on patterned paper is a fun way to get some extra embellishments on your creations or safes you from having to color all the time :-). The possibilities are endless. Have fun stamping ...

Now you’re off to visit with Kim, who always surprises me with her creations. Hope you had fun and thanks for stopping by.  See you next month with another technique!

Don't forget to comment below and on every other hop you visit, we love to hear from you. Also stay tune for next two Fridays to get more information about the techniques used above and more detailed pictures and more...
Hope to see you back here often

Always remember:
"Art comes from the heart.
So there is never a right way or a wrong way;

there is only Your Way."

Here’s the full line-up in case you get lost:

August 17, 2017

Holiday Expressions Book - Sneak Peek 1

Many of you are waiting impatiently for the release of the new Holiday Expressions Book from Close to My Heart and I have a few little sneak peeks for you to make the waiting time a bit easier ;-) The book will go live on September 1st. 

Well, let's start with this super cute cover picture. Aren't these little houses adorable? Interested in a class to create these three houses? Well, let me know and I see if I can fit you into my schedule. Not living close? Well, contact me to see how we can get you a kit to do it at home.

So what's so special about the upcoming Holiday Expressions book? As you might have noticed the annual Idea Book contains the big fundamental paper packs which cover each color category of the ink pallet. 
Each Seasonal Book on the other hand contains a great mixture of design paper packs that are only available for a limited time (usually for 4 months). The Holiday Seasonal Book includes a special paper pack for fall, Halloween and Christmas/ Festive.

The next two weeks I will give you some sneak peeks of the new papers, stamps and more. Today we start with some of the card making and page making kits and workshops:

Here is a wonderful example of the new "Kind Thoughts" (G1140) cardmaking kit. The kit comes loaded with papers, bases and envelopes, a special stamp set only available in the kit and some embellishments. To archive the embossing part, you should get the Rose Embossing Folder (Z3343) with the kit.

Here is the "Happy Day" (G1139) cardmaking kit which uses some of the fall papers in the book. This kit also contains a special stamp set unique to this workshop. Papers, card bases and envelopes and embellishments. This set also uses the brand new "Leaves Embossing Folder" (Z4031). 

.... and here are some examples of pages you can create with the Workshop Your Way Scrapbooking Kits in this Seasonal Book.

Looking for some Halloween inspired pages? Take the "Cats & Bats" (G1136) Scrapbook Kit for example and get spooky


Too many pumpkin, fall and turkey pictures? Then try this gorgeous "Falling for You" (G1135) Scrapbook Kit 

And then there are all those many snow and Christmas pictures we take, right? This "Beary Christmas" (G1137) Scrapbook Kit might be just what you need then...

and last but not least, how about some festive papers? If Gold and silver foiled, blacks and grays papers are just what you need, then the "Silver & Gold" (G1138) Scrapbooking Kit is what you need. 

While these are only examples of what you can do with these kit, there is so much more to do with them. Even so they come with complete instructions, feel free to match them with your ideas and pictures. There are more kits in the new book than the ones shown, so make sure to check them all out :-)

Stay tuned for more paper, stamps and embellishments to come...

August 11, 2017

August Blog Updates & Questions

You might have noticed, things on my blog have slowed down ....just a little bit :-) Well, it is after all summer time. There is lots to do in the yard and since classes wont start back up until September, I'll take some time off crafting.

"Yeah right Claudia!" you might say. OK, I am still working on things, but not as much as I normally do. There is our monthly "A Year of Card Making Techniques" blog hop, which I really recommend to follow. Super fun and you can win each month just by leaving a comment along the way.
So this is one thing I am working on each month ...

I'm also working on some cute watercolor pictures. I took a class with Bonnie Kreb's of "Art Impressions watercolor technique" at this years Mega Meet in Novi and I have to get hooked at this. I am trying different compositions and each time I am having too much fun LOL

But that's it for the summer projects so far....well, the mind never stops. Yes, I am already thinking about Christmas card designs, projects for classes and items I can make for the upcoming craft shows. 

Working on projects all year round can draw a blank in your mind at one point in time. Also the overflow of input and ideas can just do the same, so for me, I always take at least July "off" and sometimes part of August. This is perfect to clear the mind and get a fresh start....

So this is why, the blog is a bit slow right now, but not for much longer :-)

Here are a few questions I have for you:

  1. What techniques would you like to see explained in more detail? Everything goes, inks, stamping, page making, design, watercolor, embossing, name it!
  2. Would you like to see more page designs? Are you a card maker, scrapbooker or both?
  3. Is there anything you would like to see here that I am not focusing on or not enough?

I would love to hear from you what you would like to see here, so please leave a comment or email me if you like.

Things will be back on track in a few weeks, so stay tuned and check back to see some of my summer creations.

Enjoy the sunshine and I see you soon

August 9, 2017

Warehouse Sale - New Products

Every Tuesday in August, Close to My Heart is opening a new Warehouse Sale for the week which lasts for 7 days or while supply lasts.

So make sure to CLICK HERE and see the newest items for sale this week.

Ordering is simple:

  • You can order direct from my website or
  • You can sent me an email if you prefer to pick your items up at my house (You'll save a little on shipping costs)

You can combine all Warehouse Sale items with the brand new Idea Book products in one shipping ;-) 

In case you haven't see the new Idea Book yet, well you don't know what you are missing. Here is a link to the new book online. If you like your own personal copy, contact me on how to get one!

Enjoy browsing the sale and make sure to check back next Tuesday for more new sales.

August 4, 2017

August Super Special 2 - "Jump for Joy" - Close to My Heart

Jump for Joy Hostess Special

And here is a special for all hostesses out there who will hold a gathering this month! 

For August Close to My Heart is bringing back an exciting special just for hostesses: when your Gathering party reaches the third level of Hostess Rewards or higher, your rewards will “jump up” a level, which means you will get EXTRA Hostess Rewards and maybe even an extra 50%-off item! This special is sure to have your August hostesses jumping for joy!

Don't miss out on this super offer. Remember, the brand new Annual Idea Book just went live so you can fill your orders with all the new products from the Idea Book, plus there is still time left to order products from the Season Expressions Book 2. Check both Idea Books out by clicking HERE!

Book your gathering with me today or ... start an online gathering and invite your friends from all over the country to join you :-) and take at advantage of the Warehouse Sale too....let's go! What are you waiting for?
Sent me an email and we schedule your party today.

August 2, 2017

August Super Special 1 - "Warehouse Sale" - Close to My Heart

August Online Warehouse Sale

During the month of August Close to My Heart is offering an online Warehouse Sale on our Consultant websites

Starting on August 1, they will publish a set of retired items and product bundles at an amazing 50% discount! These items will be available for a week—while supplies last of course—and then they will be replaced by a new set of offers the following Tuesday. And to sweeten the deal, for these sale items, they are going to charge shipping only on the price paid instead of on the retail value—it’s an awesome opportunity for EXTRA savings!
So don't miss out and check back on my website by clicking HERE!

Happy savings and Happy shopping

August 1, 2017

Close to My Heart Annual Idea Book 2017 - 2018 is here!!!!

Welcome to the brand new
Close to My Heart
Annual Idea Book 2017 - 2018

You can read the online version of the Idea Book by

If you like to order products from the new Idea Book simply go online to my website. Ordering online is easy, just join the collective order on the front and fill your basket and follow instruction for check out. If you live in the area and like to pick up your order, you can sent me an email with your order and safe on some shipping costs.

For questions regarding the book, products, consultant sign up or anything else, please feel free to 

Contact me if you would like to get a personal copy of the Annual Idea Book.

Have fun browsing and let me know what product is your favorite one. What do you like best about the new book and what is your last favorite item.
I would love to hear from you....just comment below or sent me an email.

Thank you and enjoy the new book