April 27, 2012

The smaller flowers from the stamp set are great for cards as well. The blue card is a 2" x 3" card and the sunset card is a 3" x 8" card...

April 23, 2012

Card Word Puzzle Cards

Now what can we do with all these flowers we created? How about some beautiful cards?

The base for all these cards is made with Close to My Heart card stock. This card stock has a white core and is ideal for sanding. I used some embossing folders that I had to create a deep impression on the card. Now some sandpaper and carefully running it over the embossed design. Slowly the white core will show thru.

A piece of design paper and card stock create the base for phrases or sayings. Embellish the roses with some small pearls or sparkles and your watercolor flower card is ready.

April 19, 2012

Watercolor technique

Browsing thru the new Close to My Heart catalog a few month ago, this was the stamp set that first jumped out to me. The Card Word Puzzle stamp set is so versatile, I just had to have it.
Playing with my watercolors, this was the perfect edition to create some beautiful flower cards.

First stamp the flower image multiple times on a white card sock piece. Use StazOn ink so the image will not smudge using the water brush later.

Take your favorite watercolor pens and color away.

 First color the flower with your lightest shade. Then use darker shades of the same color family and place accent's to the flower pedals. (see picture on the right)

Now take you watercolor brush and make sure only a little bit of water is on the brush. Start at the lighter color and move into the darker. Stay within the image lines as much as possible.

 The rose on the right is before the use of water, the one on the left is after the use of water.

Now cut your images out and if desired distress the edges.

Now your flowers are ready for assembly....

Check out the next posts for examples.....

April 16, 2012

The inside of your card

I often use darker colored card stock as my base for a nice birthday card, Christmas card, etc.
The darker color makes is hard to leave your message, therefore I like to add a piece of white paper inside the card. Decorate it with some stamps you used on the outside of the card or stamp a phrase on it to make it look pretty.

April 13, 2012

Born to be Wild II

Here is a more detailed look how watercolors work:

The easiest way to activate your watercolors is by using a watercolor pen. You fill the pen with water, next squeeze a drop of water onto a kitchen towel and tap the brushes onto the towel as well. You might think this is not enough water on the brush, but less is more. You brush will contain plenty of water to activate the color.

Next, start with the lighter color first. Go with you brush over the color and you will see how the water will intensify the color. Always tab your brush of before you start with a new color to avoid cross termination. Watercolors, once activated with water, will react like regular watercolors.

If you are staying in the same color family, for example brown, you should start with the lightest one, like a beige and move towards the darkest one. In this case a cleaning of the brush in between is not necessary. You will blend all brown shades nicely together.
Should you have to much water on the brush, tab it of, otherwise the paper will soake it up and it will get really wavy.

April 10, 2012

Born to be Wild

Here is another girlfriend stamp sample.... see the scared look on the cats face?.....

I love the fact, that I can color these images any shade I want. Every time a unique sample is created....

So play with colors and shades and mix and match them...

April 7, 2012

Girl Friend Card details

Here are more details about how I water colored my images ...

Water coloring is a great way to give your images more life. Play with light and shadow and create the impression of a 3D image. When you work with watercolor pencils, make sure you test them before you use them for the first time. A soft stoke of color makes it easier to blend with water.
See more details on how to use watercolor pencils in the next upcoming posts......

April 5, 2012

You will love these GIRLFRIENDS

This was such a great find! I love my Close to My Heart stamps, but once in a while I pay my local craft store a visit and once in a while I come home with something special.

I saw the ladies in the bathtub and couldn't stop laughing. What a great Birthday Card they would make for some of my friends. Love it!

So what do you need to create these funny cards... One of the many Girlfriend stamps from Art Impressions (I found them at my Archiver’s store in Novi,MI), watercolor pencils (regular color pencils will work too) or if you have, copic markers or anything that will color these figures in.

I stamped the images with StazOn ink in black and let them dry completely. If you are using regular color pencils don't worry about the type of ink you use. All others should use a water-resistant ink to avoid that the watercolors or markers smudge the image.

Now go ahead and color as you like....

Card size is 5" x 7" but can easily scaled down to 4 ¼” x 5 ½”. Contact me to get the complete measurements for these cards.

More ideas follow in the next few posts....so keep coming back!

April 2, 2012

Last but not least a 3D Lucy item

Today I will show you the last project I did for my Lucy challenge. It is a beautiful box for your 5 ½ x 4 ¼ cards. I have to thank Fabulously Artsy, Tresa Black for the idea. I choose to make the box form daisy white paper and added some of the Lucy design paper to it.

The cards inside the box are made with an easy design. I took 8 white card bases, added to each one cardstock mat either in blush, grey wool, crème brulee and sweet leaf. I took the butterfly and small flower stamp from the set that came with the LUCY kit and stamped with blush, sweet leaf and crème brulee. 3 colored butterflies on one set and 3 flowers on the other set. I added little saying from the “Card Work Puzzle” stamp set to it and used my piercing tool to give one of the three elements on the card a little extra…. The butterfly got a little trial, the flower go a little stamp and leave….and so on