April 29, 2015

Sweet Carrot Box for Easter

Today we make a little carrot box for some super sweet treats. Naturally, you can recreate this box with out the greens on the top and in different paper/ cardstock as a little everyday gift.

You need a 6" x 6" piece of cardstock or sturdy design paper. You also need a strong adhesive to close the "box". I used the red sticky tape for this project.

You apply a piece of sticky tape along one side and the top side. Now remove the clear cover from the tape and carefully adhere the two vertical sides together without sticking the top together. You end up with a roll, like the inside of a paper towel roll.

 Next place the green strip with the strip cutting on the adhesive on the top of this box. Make sure the seem from the roll is not in the center but more to the left or right. Now squeeze the top with the adhesive together ( like a milk carton).

The bottom is held together in the opposite direction of the top with a brad. Just bend the bottom part together, punch a hole through both layers and add brad.

You can decorate the treat box anyway you want. In this case I used a green piece of cardstock cut in a scallop edged circle 2". The brown circle 1 1/4" and white 1" circle are built on top of the green one with foam dots.  
A little bow at the end and you can fill your treat box. Let me know if you have questions or like to join one of my classes. 
All cards and boxes you find on the blog can be purchase as kits or as finished products. Please contact me for more details ...

April 27, 2015

Jackson Paper and Embellishments

Let me introduce you to the new "Jackson" paper pack (X7195B)

Finally a great paper for all the guys in your house, for camping and outdoor pictures and so much more.

I love the color combination of browns, greens and blues.

Like all the other Close to My Heart paper packages, this once comes with 3 double sited design paper sheets, 2 of each design and 6 matching cardstock sheet. With a total of 12 sheets of paper you will be able to create multiple layouts for your pictures. Ad a few extra pieces of colonial white or daisy white and you can get up to 5 double page layouts or more out of one set. How to get that many you ask? A little smart design planing, clever cutting and a few extra products will make this possible. Contact me for details about upcoming workshops between May and August with this paper kit or how you can do the layouts at home.

So what embellishment would work best with this paper pack?

I love the many different items in the "Jackson Compliments" (X7195C) sticker pack. You will have 2x 12"-6" sticker sheets to work with....

And another great add on for your paper pack is the "Picture My Life - Jackson" Package (Z3068), especially when you plan on creating 5-6 double page layouts. The sets comes with 20 x 4"-6" cards and 36 x 3"-4" and make super embellishments, journal cards and photo mats.

A perfect match are also the 
- "Oceanside" Sequins (Z3041)
- the extra thick twine "Glacier" (Z3039) and
- the Teal Glitter paper pack (Z1991)  or 
- the Teal Shimmer Trim (Z1918) would be a great extension to your pages.

After a little vacation time I am back working on my layouts. The "Blossom" and the "Jackson" paper packs from the Seasonal Expressions 2 book are waiting on my desk, so stay tuned for more to come in the next weeks and months ....

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. You can order all items named in this post either via my website or per email order...

April 24, 2015

Ocean Page Layout "Seaside" - Part II

My right page of the "Seaside" paper pack layout has a little surprise waiting for you. Can you tell what it is?

But,... let's see how the second page is done first. I used four 2 1/2" squares of the "Seaside" (X7192B) design paper and one 2 1/2" x 5" rectangle piece of sunset cardstock. I also planed to use five 2 1/2" square photos on this side.

To make sure the block of squares, photos and the rectangle line up with the block of photos and title on the first page, proceed the following:

Place this page next to the first one and match the striped border and paper and photos with the layout on the first page. 

I then stamped the sailboat with chocolate ink in the right lower corner, right at the edge of the striped border. I stamped and tore the fence like I did on the firs page, this time the strip is going across the whole page. I adhere the fence with some foam dots to the page.

Well, ...  and then there was the little surprise. See this little package on the right here? Do you like to know how to make one?

Stay tuned to find out how to make the bundle and how to prepare your page protector so you can access your package without taking the page out of the protector.

This layout as well as all others shown on my blog are available to purchase as kits, just contact me for more information...

April 22, 2015

Easter Box Card

How often did you made a dimensional card like a box card and then you couldn't find the right envelope to sent it our? Or it was so thick you had to sent the card in it's own box?

This box card we made in our card workshop last month is a great alternative. I folds completely flat when you sent it out via mail. Once you open it, it turns into a cute little box.

Don't believe me? Well keep on reading...

The "wishing You" sentiment was stamped with individual letters and two different fonts.

I used the Close To My Heart stamp set "Easter Wishes" (B1422) to stamp the Easter egg for the inside and a second one for the two shells. I colored both stamped eggs in with watercolor pencils. I cut the second stamped imaged out and in half.

I further stamped 5 leafs, cut the stem of the flower from sweat leaf cardstock (just a small strip) and my Cricut cut out the grass (Close To My Heart Cartridge) and the "Happy Easter" tag. The phrase "Happy Easter" is from the same stamp set I used for the eggs.

Now to the card base...I used a strip of cardstock, measuring 5 1/2" x 10 3/8".
The base is scored at ---- and folded. I punched out a scalloped circle in the top of the panel next to the 1/4" tab fold. The 1/4" fold will be adhered to the first panel, which will create the box when opening the card.

Place the stamped and colored egg piece behind the punch out. Adhere it to the back while the card is open, otherwise you image will not be centered when the card is open!!!

Decorate as shown...

Would you like to learn how to create cards like this? Would you like to learn new techniques? How about joining my card workshop and learn how easy it is to create these wonderful cards?

No matter if you are a beginner or a pro, come join me and let's have some fun...I would love to show you how to make these cards. Contact me of details on classes or if you have any questions... 

April 20, 2015

Blossom Paper and Embellishments

Oh I love this new paper pack ... The colors are so perfect for my planed spring and summer layouts and cards. 
If you haven seen the new collections yet, check them out online HERE or contact me if you like a personal copy of the Seasonal Expressions 2 book.

"Glacier" blue, "Sweet Leaf" green, "Sunset" orange and peach a perfect combination don't you think? 

The "Blossom" paper pack (X7196B) like all out paper pack contains 3 double sited design papers and you get 2 of each, plus the pack also comes with 6 sheets of matching cardstock. So a total of 12 sheets per package and this will be plenty of paper to create multiple layouts, dozens of cards and so much more.

Even so I have my layouts kinda designed in my head, I am still thinking about what extras I should use. There are so many options with the new Expression 2 book.

I really like the "Blossom Complements" (X7196C), which are 2x 12"-6" sticker sheets. They will be a great embellishment for my layouts. 

And then there are:

Brand new Washi Tapes: 

- "Boardwalk" (Z3066) green and blue tones and 
- "Carnival" (Z3067) pink/ orange and yellow tones...
Both of them would work great 

Super cute new Sequins:

- "Oceanside" (Z3041) aqua, lagoon and grey and
- "Coral Reef" (Z3042) peach, orange and white... 

Two new Thick Twine colors:

- "Glacier" (Z3039) and
- "Thistle" (Z3040)

To top all of this off, I thought the Teal Glitter Paper pack (Z1991) would be great too...

Now what I do? There are so many beautiful new products that I can use and they all work with the paper. What do you think? Which extras should I use? Let me know which combination you would like to see on layouts or cards. 

Make sure to stay tuned and see which combination I choose.... 

I am on a little vacation right now, but I will be back creating at the end of the month. "Blossom" and "Jackson" layouts, cards and well, we will see what else will be coming soon.

April 17, 2015

"Seaside" Page Layout Technique 1

How many techniques should you use on a layout? What embellishments should you buy? How do you know if they match your layout? 

These and many other questions come up if we talk about designing your own layouts. Well, like so often there is no simple answer to this. Some of you might like a lot of embellishments while others like the more simple style. It all depends on you preference. There is no right way or wrong way, there is only your way!

This been said ..., Close to My Heart makes it a little bit easier for you. Beside our awesome paper packs, which by the way contain 6 design papers (3 designs, double sited and two of each) and 6 matching cardstock sheets, you will find a matching sticker pack (Seaside Complements) and embellishment kit (Seaside Assortment) with each paper pack. 

This takes out most of the guesswork for you. So if you are not sure what to buy, a paper pack, a sticker pack and a few extra sheets of daisy white or colonial white cardstock will be a good start. You will be able to create 3-4 double page layouts with each pack. 

If you are a beginner and not sure how to start your layouts, try one of the great "How to Books" from Close to My Heart. They give you a good start and many options to choose from. I use them as my go-to-books all the time.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if you would like to purchase my seaside layout. I would love to hear from you ...

April 15, 2015

Classic Easter Card

What better color combination to use for an Easter card than green and purple?

This card is folded on top and has two rounded corners. I rounded the corners on the base as well as the green design paper layer.

The green design paper is darker on the bottom and gets lighter towards the top. I used a square punch to cut the window into the green layer.

A square piece of purple cardstock was cut about 1/8" bigger than the window in green layer.
Two strips of ribbon were thread through the loop of a silver cross. I simply used tape on the back of the purple square to hold the ribbons in place.

I attached the purple square to the card base, right behind the window of the green design layer. Before you adhere the piece, make sure it is place right.

The green design layer is attached with foam dots to raise it up from the card base and create a little shadow box around the cross.

I picked a phrase from the bible and printed it out on vellum paper. The sentiment is attached to the front with tiny dots of glue.

Three little flowers from the same papers used in this card are punched out and adhered together. A little rhinestone finished each flower off.

Would you like to create cards like this too? Well, come join one off my workshops. It is so much fun... Contact me for schedules...All Easter cards are also available to purchase...  

April 13, 2015

Sweet Treat Boxes for Easter

The other day I was preparing some Easter treats and came along my Ghirardelli's Mocca Chocolate packs.

Individually wrapped and so delicious :-)  and the perfect size to fit in these little Easter treat boxes. 

Also great for filling these boxes are little packs of Haribo Gummi Bears or for Easter... the Easter Bunny version.
I pulled out my envelope punch board to create the boxes. A scoring board will work too. Score, fold and adhere the little boxes together. The top stays open and is just folded together like an envelope.

To keep the box shut I fitted a little strip of paper around it. I closed it with a brown cardstock circle.

My little Easter Bunny and the new "A Little Note" (A1171) stamp served as the decoration for the top circle. Colored in with watercolor pencils (3505) and adhered with foam dots to the brown circle. I rolled up some hemp and adhered it to the middle of the brown circle before I attached the decorated one. To open the box, all you have to do is slight the band of the box.

Do you like to make some of these little Easter decorations and gifts yourself? Well, join one of my classes. I would love to have you in my class... Contact me for Workshop times

April 10, 2015

Ocean Page Layout "Seaside" - Part I

May I introduce you to my second favorite paper of this years annual Close to My Heart Idea Book? 

I just love this summer calling, ocean smelling and beach dreaming "Seaside" paper pack. It is such a happy paper bundle and I just couldn't resist to create a water themed layout.

The blue design paper in the "Seaside" (X7192B) paper pack looks like water and therefore is a great background for my design. I used the stamp set "Seaside Greetings" (D1609) and our "Chocolate Ink" (Z2111) to stamp the lighthouse and sailboat image directly onto the paper. 

The stamp set also has this great fence and beach design used on the bottom of the layout. I stamped it on colonial white cardstock which I tore along the fence. 

I intended to use two 5" x 4" photos on page one, but you can use just one big one and multiple smaller once if you like. 

The title word "Summer" was cut out from another design paper of the "Seaside" pack. I used my Cricut machine for the cut out. I edged the wording in chocolate ink to give it more definition. 

A few "Aqua Dots" (Z1853) sprinkled over the page and my left layout page is done. 

You can order the paper pack and embellishments from my website. I also have a kit of this layout for sale. You can either assemble it at home (all items, instructions and pictures included) or you can order it pre-assembled for you....Just email me if you like to purchase a kit or if you have any questions....

April 8, 2015

He is Risen - Easter Card

The Easter Bunny and all the goodies he brings is a great family event, but....

This is not what Easter is all about. My "He is Risen" card it a simple way to show the glory of this wonderful day.

A technique called "Starburst" creates the background for this card. Shades of yellow, orange and red simulate the suns rays or the burst of light. 
 If you like to learn this technique, please contact me to set up a class to teach you how to do it!

The bible phrase was printed onto colonial white cardstock and cut with the Cricut. A brown cardstock cut out was used to pop-up the sentiment.

I used the same chocolate brown cardstock to frame the starburst assemble. 

 A strip of our brown glitter paper (Z1830) was adhered underneath the starburst.

I used the negative space from my grass cut out with the Cricut and adhered it on top of the glitter. Place the sentiment in the middle and your card is done.

I love this card...let me know what yu think?

April 6, 2015

April ... Stamp of the Month

This month Close to My Heart is offering the stamp set "Typed Note".

This is a great versatile set with lot's of phrases and little sentiments perfect for many many occasions.  
I love the old fashion typewriter that comes with the set.

You can use any of the sayings on the paper coming out of the typewriter or on any other tag, embellishment you like. Also perfect for anyone how likes to make cards.

So how can you get this awesome stamp set home?

You can order this set for only $5 if you place an order of $50 or more form the annual Idea Book and/ or the Seasonal Expression 2 booklet. Oh and did I mention that our April Special, the daily grab bags will count towards this offer too?

So start browsing and let me know if you have any questions. Stay tuned for more to come... 

April 3, 2015

"Brushed" Page Layout Technique 2

Now that you have an idea how the whole "Brushed" layout looks like, let's talk a little about the extra pockets that I created.

As I mentioned last Friday in my blog, this layout makes it easy for you to access these pockets. All you have to do is place the page in your sheet protector and reach in to pull them out. Since the three pockets are positioned towards the top of the page, there is no need to get fancy!

It is a little different in case your design places the pockets in the middle of the page or towards the bottom. Now it is unlikely that you can access them without pulling the page out of the protector. Well there is a solution of this!

First place you page into the sheet protector. Make sure they are in the correct order, because once we are done you can change it anymore. Now mark each pocket by placing a little dot on each upper corner of the pocket.

Take your page out of the protector and insert a cutting mat. Punch a hole over each dot. You need a hole-punch that will work over the whole page. Once the holes are in, use a craft knife and a metal ruler to connect two holes marking one pocket. I also take a little extra material way form the cut.

Place your page back into the protector and insert the tags through the created slit into the pockets. The hole you punched will prevent the cut from ripping the protector over time.

Like to get more ideas on how to extend your pages....well, come join me in one of my classes to learn how to create these little extras and how to prepare your sheet protectors. Please contact me for class schedules and more...

April 1, 2015

Constant Campaign in April - Deal of the Day

Do you love a great deal? Well, I think I have something for you. To be exact, 30 deals all April long and this is not an April Fools Day Joke!.

Close to My Heart offers a total of 30 deals in April, one per day. What am I talking about you ask?

Each day during the month of April and only while supply last, you are able to pick up a random grab bags filled with current and retired products. Prices range from $35, $50, $75, $115 and $150. Some of these grab bag will contain more than double the retail value of the bag price. Each bag and price is only good for one specific day and you can't be sure that this price bracket will come by again during the month.

So how can you order these bags and when?

These bags will only be available through my website and won't count towards any gatherings or parties. Simply place one regular priced item into your shopping basket and you can pick up as many grab bags as you like (while supplies last). You should visit my website often and early (and daily) to see what bags are on sale. 

Remember this: all grab bag tiers will be on a random schedule during April (April 1st- April 30st), so seize the opportunity to purchase from the grab bag tier you are interested in when it becomes available. You might not know if your price bracket will come around again or how long it will last that day!

Let's get rolling... If you have questions regarding this offer, our products or any other crafting problem, please feel free to contact me!