February 22, 2014

A thoughtful message

Last but not least a card for a few special and comforting words. Can you thing of a better way to show someone how much you care and think of them than with a handmade card and some personal written words

I used a colonial white cardstock base in 4 1/4"x 5 1/2" for this card. A piece of desert sand cardstock was embossed and centered on the front of the card. Followed by a strip of black cardstock and a piece of design paper from Close To My Heart.

I used the "Fabulous You" (C1533) stamp set from Close To My Heart to stamp the cardinal image in chocolate ink. Three amber gems finish this element. A few foam dots and the cardinal is attached to the front. 
The phrase was stamped in cocoa ink on a strip of colonial white cardstock. I cut in the flag element and adhered it with foam dots to the card.
Since the phrase came in two parts, I decided to stamp the whole phrase on the inside of the card as well.

This is it for this months card class. If you are interested in purchasing a set of the February cards, please contact me.

I am already working on next months cards and some pages for a crop I will attend on March 22nd. So stay tuned for more fun things to come...

Next month we will have two classes so you get to enjoy 8 different cards. Don't forget to come back here often and I will try to keep writing frequently...


February 21, 2014

You caught a bug?

I love my VW even so it isn't a bug, but this little bug was way to cute to pass on. A wonderful stamp set from "Taylored Expressions" gave me the idea for this card.

 The card base is 4 1/4"x 5 /2" and the front is covered with a piece of design paper. The center piece is created from vanilla and indian corn blue cardstock. The blue piece is about 1/8" smaller on each side. I attached the 3 flower brads to the blue piece before I adhered them together and placed them onto the front.

I stamped the phrase and one impression of the car onto the white cardstock piece and glued the piece on top of the blue one. 
A second car impression was stamped on an extra piece of white cardstock. I colored the second image in with alcohol markers and cut it out. This piece is attached with foam dots to the first image stamped.

The "Sending warm wishes" was stamped on a rectangular piece of white cardstock. I then cut in the little flag detail and adhered the white piece on top of a blue rectangular (Slightly bigger than the white). I cut the flag detail into the blue piece. The same procedure was done with the vanilla piece. 

A wonderful little card to cheer up some once day and wish them a speedy recovery. 

If you love the "Bug" and like to get your own set of cards, please feel free to contact me for you order.

And there will be one more card tomorrow to finish out February card class experience. If you have questions about the construction, measurements or products, please don't hesitate to contact me. I would love to hear from you.

Stay tuned for tomorrows card ...

February 20, 2014

Birthday Flower Surprise

Here is our second card from this months card club. A very special Birthday Flower Surprise:

 The card base is 4 1/4"x 5 1/2" in daisy white cardstock. The first layer is a piece of design paper from Close To My Heart enhanced with some flourish stamp impressions in chocolate ink.

A piece of indian corn blue cardstock was cut into size and embossed. The birthday phrases were stamped individually in indian corn blue , sweat leaf and chocolate ink from Close To My Heart.  

Both layers are adhered together and placed with foam dots onto the front. A little blue gem finishes the front of this card. 

 The inside of this card on the other hand is a wonderful surprise. When you open the card, a blue flower will unfold surrounded by sweat leaf green swirls.

The flower is assembled from 7 scalloped edged circles. All seven are cut and folded the same way and put into place with just a few glue dots. If you like a more detail instruction on how to create the flower, please contact me. It is a little bit to much to explain here. 

How do you like this flower card? More cards are to come in tomorrows feed, so stay tuned and check back tomorrow ...

In case you like to order the card kit for February, please contact me!

February 19, 2014

LOVE your Valentine

I am a little late with my postings this month, but here are the February cards of my card club.

Love is in the air and what can be better than telling your better half how much you love them?

 This card is based on a 4 /4" x 5 1/2" measurement. You need a longer strip to create the wonderful inside surprise, but the finished card will fit into a regular sized envelope.

I found some of this cherry patterned paper in a stack of retired Close To My Heart papers and I must say, I love it.

The front is decorated with Colonial White and red cardstock as well as some blue design paper form the cherry collection.
The real surprise awaits the recipient once they open the card. A pop up inside spells out the L O V E you are sending. 

The rest of the inside is decorated in read cardstock and blue design papers. Plenty or room to leave you own personal note.

 Here is a more detailed look at the step pop out of the inside.

If you like to know more on how to create this card or if you like to purchase the monthly card class set, please feel free to contact me.

Stay tuned for more coming up tomorrow...

February 6, 2014

A Bonbon for your Birthday - Part 2

This is part 2 of the Bonbon surprise box ...

To prevent smaller goodies to fall through the opening, use one of the two 1 6/8" squares and let it slide into the tube. 
Make sure it lays flat on the bottom.

Now you can place your own goodies into the tube. I put two of these delicious Roche goodies in the middle.

Now the same principle as earlier, to close the whole on the other end ...

 ... place the other 1 6/8" square on top of your filling and pinch the sides together as we have done it before on the other side.

Use the second ribbon piece to keep the box closed. Smooth out the ends and tie a nice bow on each side of the box. Trim excess ribbon ends.

Stamp your sentiment on the light colored design paper and adhere it to the sky blue cardstock. Place the set on one side of the box.

Arrange the little flower with a pearl and place it on the box.

Your little Bonbon surprise is ready to give away.

These boxes can be made in a various number of sizes and it is up to you what you would like to fill them with.

They are also great for Christmas or Thanksgiving decorations or any other occasion. They also make great seating cards with names on them....

If you like a set of these boxes or for some other occasion, please feel free to contact me. A sample of this box also comes with the January card kit. 

Make sure to turn in for this months workshop ideas...

February 5, 2014

A Bonbon for your Birthday - Part 1

This last project from our January Class is a little surprise, but a sweet one.

Materials needed for this project:
- a 7" x 6" piece of Close To My Heart "Frosted" design paper
- two 1 6/8" cardstock squares
- 1" x 2" cardstock piece in Sky Blue
- 3/4" x 1 3/4" design paper "Frosted" lighter side
- two pieces of ribbon
- a pink small flower and a pearl
- two Roche Chocolates for filling (in this case they fit perfectly in this box)
- sentiment stamp, black ink pad, adhesive, strong tape adhesive, glue dots

This punched design for the box is available on our Close To My Heart Cricut cartridge "Artiste". If you have one of the box punch boards that are available from other retailers you can use it as well. 
The paper is scored along the lines in four different place. Make sure your folds are nice and crisp. To make assemble easier later on, also fold the sides like shown in the picture on the left. The blue/ grey design you see will be on the outside of the box.

Fold your sides back down an bend the box along the folds in the middle. You will end up with a long rectangular box.

Place strong tape adhesive on the smaller end on one side (blue/grey design) and adhere it under the other side. Openings and sides should line up perfectly.
This is how your box should look like once you adhered the sides together. A long rectangular piece with a square inside.

Now we pay our attention to one end of the box. Squeeze the box together on the side folds we made earlier. The box should close automatically if you press all four middle creases together towards the middle of the box.

Don't worry about the ends yet. Take one of your ribbons and tie it around the middle folds so they stay together, like on the picture here...
Don't pull the ribbon to tight, otherwise you will rip the paper.  
Once you turn the end towards you, you can see a little opening. Now it is time to fold the ends carefully back, if they are not already there. 

Turn the tube around and this is how it will look like from the opening side. You could fill your goodies into the tube as is if you like, but if you use smaller goodies like M&M's, than we have to continue with the next step... 

... check tomorrows part 2 of the Bonbon box ...

February 3, 2014

Cherry Blooms ... all occasions card

A little behind schedule, but this card is from our January Class and I hope you will enjoy this simple but wonderful card.

This is what you need to make this card:
- 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" card base from Colonial White cardstock with envelope
- 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" piece of Barn Red cardstock 
- Two 1/2" x 5 1/2" pieces of Barn Red cardstock
- Two 1/2" x 4 1/4" pieces of Barn Red cardstock
- Approx. 4" branch including leaves
- 5 little pink flowers
- 5 little pearls

- Close To My Heart Stamp "Geometric Backgrounds" (D1559), Barn Red ink pad, adhesive runner, glue dots and foam dots

I embossed the card base with a beautiful cherry blossom design. Since the embossing weakens the card base a little, I decided to adhere a piece of cardstock to the inside front of the card. 
Use some good glue, like the Bonding Memory Pen or a strong tape adhesive. 

Stamp the design on all four of the 1/2" pieces of cardstock and let dry. Attached the two longer once along the long sides of the card base with foam dots. They run flush with the base.
Now adhere the two smaller pieces accordingly, make sure they overlap the longer pieces in each corner.

The branch and leaves are cut out with the Cricut machine and our Close To My Heart "Artiste" cartridge. I adhere the leaves with a glue pen. The branch was attached with glue dots to the card.

I punched the flowers with a small flower punch and gave them a little dimension with a stylus. They were adhere with glue dots as well and decorated with little pearls.

You can stamp a sentiment on the inside of your card or leave it blank.

For questions or if you like to purchase the class kit/ cards, please feel free to contact me.

... stay tuned for one more January Bonbon ...