July 4, 2012

A Nonstop Flower Pot

I know, Mothers Day is long time ago, but I thought I still share this little card with you. You might have someone that is in need of a little bit of sunshine and what better way than flowers…
The base is created from Sweet leaf cardstock. I created the scallop edge with my corner rounder. Front and back of the card are hold together by a ribbon that runs around the card. Make sure the ribbon is tied closely to the card.
Leftover design paper was used to cover the bottom part of the pot. I stamped my flowers in different colors and cut each flower out with my scissors. Leafs are created from dark green cardstock.

The inside piece of the card is cut to fit exactly the width of the bottom of the pot. The length is a bit longer than the whole pot, so you are able to glue the flowers and leaves onto the top of the insert. Stamp your saying and place the card inside the pot…. If you like instructions for this card…please contact me!

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