May 11, 2013

Mega Meet in Novi,MI - Part II

After our first class in the morning we went onto the show room to explore all the new items available.

One thing I have to mention upfront, buyer be aware

1. Not all things that are available at the booths are cheaper than in your local stores, so do your homework and compare prices.

2. Some items are sold in bulk and for really cheap prices, but are they always worth it? Again do your homework or read labels carefully. E.g. tape runners might not have the regular adhesive length or the adhesive is older and will not stick to well anymore. E.g. totes and other bags sometimes are off cheap quality and wont hold up like the more expensive once....

3. Just because the sign says it's a SALE, it doesn't mean it is a sale...

Now you ask, why should I then even go? Well, there are plenty off other reasons why you should!

1. Many vendors at the show are not typically found in the local stores or have only online outlets. This is a great opportunity to check out their products and talk to owners about these products.

2. You can find craft items that are no longer available in stores, test items or see how they work at demonstrations. 

3. Some vendors offer special deals for sets of tools, papers etc. 

4. To get inspirations and ideas for cards, scrap books, home decor items etc

5. Just to have fun, enjoy a crafty hobby and meet interesting new people.

It is always a nice day at the show and we enjoyed it now for many years and will for more to come. Take a friend and make it a day for you :-)

Stay tuned for more .....

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