April 2, 2012

Last but not least a 3D Lucy item

Today I will show you the last project I did for my Lucy challenge. It is a beautiful box for your 5 ½ x 4 ¼ cards. I have to thank Fabulously Artsy, Tresa Black for the idea. I choose to make the box form daisy white paper and added some of the Lucy design paper to it.

The cards inside the box are made with an easy design. I took 8 white card bases, added to each one cardstock mat either in blush, grey wool, crème brulee and sweet leaf. I took the butterfly and small flower stamp from the set that came with the LUCY kit and stamped with blush, sweet leaf and crème brulee. 3 colored butterflies on one set and 3 flowers on the other set. I added little saying from the “Card Work Puzzle” stamp set to it and used my piercing tool to give one of the three elements on the card a little extra…. The butterfly got a little trial, the flower go a little stamp and leave….and so on


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  2. Thank you so much for reading my blog and your kind comment.
    I try my best in English although it might been a little bit easier in German :-)
    Thanks again for your comment and for spreading the blogsite.