May 1, 2012

These are my favorites

 This card is a 3" x 4 ¾" size, folding on the top.
I used pansy purple card stock from Close to My Heart. I scored a few lines in the front of the card and used sandpaper to expose the white core.
A piece of Miracle design paper from CTMH and a piece of colonial white card stock are building the backdrop for the small flower set from the "Card Word Puzzle" stamps set. All papers and card stocks are distressed with pansy purple ink.
A white pearl is attached to the two bigger flowers and the stamp is created from CTMH "Color Ready Borders".
A piece of colonial white ribbon and this card is complete.

This card measures 4 ¼” x 5 ½” and folds on the top as well.
Techniques and materials are the same as described in the first one.
The two big roses are embellished with little sparkles, while the smaller flowers are embellished with a pearl.
Again, the color ready borders are used to create flower stamps.
A piece of colonial white ribbon finishes this design off.

Technique and papers used are the same as the two previous once. A top folded 4 ¼” x 5 ½” card.
Here the bunch of flowers is created with three roses.
The roses are embellished with sparkles.
Color ready borders built the stamps and a colonial white ribbon finishes the card off.

All flowers used in these cards are water colored with the technique described in earlier posts.

Please contact me if you like to know more about these cards or where to get the papers and stamps. You can also visit my website!

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