June 27, 2013

A Graduation Card - Part 2

... Welcome back to part II of my Graduation Card. 

After folding the black cardstock I started to work on the inside. I cut two inserts of white cardstock and place them aside. 

To create the tussle, I used a piece of shiny ribbon, folded in half and secured the folded end with a knot. Make sure the knot is sitting close to the end. I used one of the two ends and cut along the side of one all the way up to the knot.
Now I was able to carefully pull the long threats out. Only a few at a time. Once I reach the other side of this piece, I cut the left over away to the knot. I repeated the same with the other ribbon end.
The tussle was attached to the card with a small brad.

Now to the inside pieces. I stamped a star in on corner of the paper and used a grey/ blue alcohol marker to trace around the outside. I stamped and cut out a small graduation hat, embellished it with a little rhinestone and adhered it with a glue dot.
This little owl was stamped in Versa Mark ink onto the white cardstock piece that will go into the hat part of the card. I colored it in with alcohol markers and decorated it with another stamped and cut out graduation hat.

To assemble the card, adhere the white cardstock with the owl inside the card into the hat part. Make sure you have installed the tussle with the brad first, so the brad will not be seen from the inside of the card. Also make sure the owl is sitting upright when you open the card ( I had it wrong the first time :-) )

The white cardstock piece with the star will go on the lower part of your card. Adhere it with the star on the top, then close the card and ad the "Wishing you Congrats" element. This makes sure you will be able to tuck the hat part behind it and this will hold your card closed.

I hope you like this little card and let me know if you need help or need further instructions to create this card...

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