April 3, 2014

Boys Layout from Timberline Paper

This is the last of the three layouts that I created for the scrapbooking event.
I used the wonderful Timberline paper pack. This paper is ideal for all the men in your life or for some wonderful outdoor moments to share.

This set comes like the other two sets with all the papers pre-cut, all the embellishments you can see and even the extra photo flaps. Yes, all included. Instructions and sketches will explain how to assemble the set. You can find the layout also in the Close To My Heart book "Make it from Your Heart - Volume 1". Start by assembling your first page, then lay the base of the second page side by side with the first one. Now line up your wood-grain border with the first one and continue to adhere from there. This will make sure both of your layouts will match up in the scrapbook.

You might have noticed by now that this layout looks a lot like the Smilles-layout that I introduced a couple of days ago.... and you are right. It is the same sketch, the same elements, just in a different way assembled. I switched both sides and placed the paper strips here on top as a header. I also changed the picture size to larger photos instead of the smaller once.

Isn't it amazing how the same sketch and lead to two completely different layouts?

 Well, you might say, "but now I can only place two big photos in the middle and three small once on the side...oh no, look closer what I did...

Each 4x6 photo has a clear plastic flap adhered on the sides that can flip either to the left or right. This gives you the option to place another 4x6 or even two other 4x6 pictures in the same layout. You can also use the inside of the flap for hidden journaling or to keep tickets or other memorable items in it.

 Again, instructions on how to cut your sheet protector so you can pull the flap through and be able to open the flaps without pulling the page out of the protector are on the instruction sheet.

Never-the-less, here is a quick trick to add them to your page. Assemble the page completely, without the flaps. Place your pages into the page protectors and lay them on a flat surface. Now take the flaps, bend the part with the adhesive strip back so it is tuck away behind the front photo. Pull off the adhesive protector and stick the flap directly to your page protector above the photo on your layout. The adhesive on these flaps from Close To My Heart is very strong and can be used on the outside of a page protector without a problem.

These little fun flaps come in different sizes:

4x6, 6x12, 4x12, 8x12, 6x6 and also in 2x2, 3x3, 3x4 and 4x4

If you like to know more about them, how to use them or with any other question, please contact me.
You can also check sizes an prices on my website.

 I hope you liked these fun page layouts and I will promise, I will bring more in the next few months. This layout as well as the other two are still available in a limited number, so if you would like a set to work on it at home, please contact me right away before they are sold out ....

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