September 25, 2015

Tri-Fold "Wedding Chapel" card - Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of the Wedding Chapel tri-fold card. Now the fun part begins, coloring it. You can use any coloring medium you like, just make sure you stamped the image with the fitting ink for your medium. If you decide to use alcohol markers, be sure to keep the card open during coloring, since the alcohol markers have the tendency to bleed through the paper. This also means you have to cover the insides of your left and right side with some cardstock!

I decided to color my card in with some watercolor pencils. I started with the side panels and ended with the middle section of my card.

Lets start with the bench. Feel free to pick any color combination you like. To get some shading into your scenery, make sure to use lighter and darker colors and blend them together.

As you can see on the right, I didn't smooth the colors out at all, that's because I used watercolor pencils, which I can smooth out with water at the end.
I used darker colors under the bench, on the outline of the bush and lamp. In some areas I left white space so I could blend the color form the side out. Once my imaged was colored in, I went ahead with a fine brush and just a hint of water. The brush should feel almost dry to the touch. I always start from the light color to the dark, so from the light blue into the dark. I made sure the lines between the shades that I created are smoothed out completely. As you can see on the next picture, the colors are blending very well and no lines are be seen anymore. The inside of my panels are also nice and clean, so I don't really need to cover them with cardstock, but I will since I think is looks better.

I followed the same technique with the bridge on the other side....

Color before I activated it with water...

.... and after I used water to blend the color.

... and the chapel from the inside, before ....

... and after!

 And here a look on the complete colored image before I used the water to blend all the colors and lines...

... And the tri-fold all colored and blended out.

Stay tuned for the finished card with cardstock and embellishments.

Do you like to create this card? Would you like to learn how to stamp a tri-fold card and how to use watercolors? Well contact me for class dates.

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