June 20, 2016

A Flower Garden - Thank You Card

My card making classes are on summer break, but there are still a few cards we made so far that haven't been on the blog yet.

I am sure you have a few stamps laying around with flowers, grasses and some bees or butterflies, right? Awesome, all you need now is some black ink and in our case here some plain coloring pencils.

I am sure you have seen by now all the adult coloring books that are out on the market. There is a reason why coloring is so "in" these days and why specially adults like it so much.

Coloring not only brings back memories of our youth, oh no, it is so much more. Once you start you can't stop! It is kind of addicting yes, but also so much relaxing. With all the electronic gadgets we have these days, all the social media we have to attend too and all the bling and ring ....too much stress!

If you don't want to invest in a coloring book, how about cutting a few pieces of different sizes and from white cardstock. Stamp some of your favorite images on it and off you go. Go to were you ask?

If you have, sit outside on your patio, deck or porch or find a nice quite table with lots of light in your house. Grab your coloring pencils and your stamped images and have some fun.

Let me know how you liked the new experience and if coloring is on your to do list in the future. I know were I will spent my summer and what I will do :-) Just comment below ;-)

Well back to this card:
We stamped the different flower images and butterflies on white cardstock. We also stamped four butterflies on an extra sheet of cardstock. Now all that is left is color them in. Cut out the extra butterflies and adhere them with only a little adhesive along the bottom and body so the wings can be bend down a bit.

And don't forget to color the inside too....

Stay tuned for more....   

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