March 3, 2017

Technique: So Sketchy - Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of the "So Sketchy" hop. While we discussed  the way of simply following the sketch to the teeth last Friday, we will go just a little out of the box today:-) In case you missed it, CLICK HERE to get started!

No big steps like I said, just a little so all you beginners can follow with ease. Like I mentioned before, a sketch is just a guide and you can interpret in any way you want, but following it will make the start really easy for you.

For this card I went a little outside the box. I cut a piece of white cardstock at 3 3/4" x 4 1/2" and a piece of yellow cardstock at 4"x 5 1/4".

Next I used one of my flower stamps and stamped the image in black ink about three times in the bottom left corner. The first stamp far to the top of the piece, the second to the bottom right and the third time a little off and to the left. You can use any stamp you have in your stack for this example.

Now I cut a ca 1" stripe off of the bottom of the stamped piece. Don't throw it away, we need both parts! Next I found a phrase about 1/2" tall. I layed down my yellow cardstock piece, place the 1" cut off on top of it (loose, not adhered and leaving a small gap to the bottom and sides. I marked the yellow piece were the white top ended. Now I stamped my phrase in black and to the right just about these markings.
Erase your markings and adhered the yellow cardstock in the center of your cardbase. In my case I added an extra piece of grey cardstock behind the yellow one and then set it on to the base. The grey cardstock is just 1/8" smaller than the base.

Lastly, place foam dots on both parts of the white stamped cardstock and place them centered and with even gaps around the card to the yellow cardstock. You phrase show through between the two white panels. Decorate with a few sequins or other bling and this interpretation of the sketch is done. This finishes off our little series about the "So Sketchy" hop. I hope you will join me and my fellow blog hop members for this months hope. Just remember to leave a comment at each post for the hop and you might be this months blog hop winner. Leave me a comment if you enjoy these little extras every Friday. Let me know if you have questions or like to know more about specific cards or techniques. I love to hear from you. 


  1. Such a great technique! Makes a very interesting card...which is nice sometimes to the regular way we make cards!

    1. Thank You Jennifer, sometime we get to much tangled up with all out gadgets and forget the simple way of doing things. I like to through one of these in ones in a while. And the hop is a perfect opportunity to test things out too :-) Hope you keep hopping and checking things out. Thank you for your comments...