June 9, 2017

Technique: World of Watercolor Part 3

Here are a few more detailed looks on the cards I made for our watercolor challenge in May. Remember, I simply did some different backgrounds with watercolor paints and watercolor paper.

Like in all the other examples, I started with a pieces of watercolor paper 5"x 4". This time I added water to the whole piece so it was covered nicely. 
I then picked pink, blue and a purple watercolor paint. I used my brush loaded with water and color and simply dropped it here and there on the paper. I cleaned the brush and repeated the process with the next two colors. 
Ones it was dry I was left with this nice splattered watercolor background.

Always remember that the color will dry lighter and you can add more color if you like. If you started with too much color right away you can remove it anymore.

To create this card, I cut a piece of "Indian Corn Blue" cardstock from Close to My Heart at 5 1/4" x 4" and adhered it to the center of my cardbase front. I cut the watercolor background down to about 1/4" smaller than the blue piece. I used a poppy die from Elizabeth Dies to die-cut the white flowers. I stamped my phrase on a piece of white cardstock cut at 3/4" x 4 1/4" to avoid any bleeding of the ink. A couple of sequins and this card was done. Well almost :-) I did use my clear glitter brush over the flowers, but it didn't show on my pictures.

Now let me introduce you to my little accident LOL...yeap, this one wasn't planed this way but as you can see still turned out well. Like I mentioned before, don't throw your creations away.

Originally I wanted to draw squares of color on my watercolor paper, but somehow everything got mixed. So I let the piece dry and I did loved this color combination, but what to do with it?

First I decided to use a pieces of "Sunset" cardstock from CTMH which I ran through my Big Shot using a rectangular stitch die. I cut the outer frame and I also used the inside of the second frame. I left the middle part out.

So the idea was to place the watercolor paper on the rectangular in middle of my card, but somehow it didn't look right. I decided to cut a piece of white cardstock just a little bit smaller than the stitched rectangular. But still something wasn't right...I decided, since my squares didn't turn out the way on my watercolor paper, why not cut the paper in squares? Well, that's what I did. I cut the watercolor paper down to about 1/8" smaller than the white cardstock. I cut 6 squares which I adhered to the white cardstock flush to the sides leaving a grid in the middle. I then placed the white piece in the center of the "sunset" one. 

To assemble the card I placed the outer frame to the cardbase first. Stamped my phrase around the inside of the frame and then placed the middle ensemble with foam dots in the center. A few rhinestones and a ones almost discarded piece turned into a pretty nice birthday card, don't you think?

Last but not least my favorite card...you have to love the giraffe. As you might know by now, in this background I worked with a pre-drawn water rectangle on my watercolor paper again. Nice and wet before I started adding my colors. I went from a light yellow over yellow, orange, red to darker red. All I did was going with my brush from one side to the next trying to stay in my water rectangle. I cleaned brushed in between new colors and let it dry completely. 

Again, to stamp my images and the phrase I had to use StazOn ink otherwise it would have made a mess on the watercolor paper. 

I stamped the giraffe in the right lower corner, just a bit of the colored part. I added the stone stamp to the left and placed my phases so the frame would fit around it. Speaking of frame, do you recognize it? Yeap, it is the cutout from the previous card (no waste ;-) ).

To make these colors really show I placed a piece of black cardstock on my cardbase front. I cut the watercolor piece down so I had a nice even pace all the way around my colors. I adhered the watercolor paper of center leaning to the top left. I placed my frame around the image and cut all overhanging pieces off. I did adhere a few back to the bottom. A little bow is hiding the seam.

I thought I was done, but then I checked my phrase and it said "from all of us", but I only had one giraffe on the front....well, I opened my card and it seemed to be so blank inside, so I decided to add a few "all" to the inside. I stamped the head all the way around turning the stamp back and forth....well, I only wanted a few but somehow I couldn't stop LOL

So, these are the cards from our May blog hop. I hope you enjoyed the little intro into watercolor paints and I also hope you will give it a try. Just go for it and try....the more you practice the better the results will get.

Let me know if you have question. The watercolor pencil post will be on the blog here on Friday, June 23rd....well, I will give you a little Throw-Back-Friday since I already had a long post about those....but I will continue to show you new things I made, so stay tuned......

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