September 26, 2012

A "Thank You" with flowers

Flower “Thank You” …

I loved the idea of creating a beautiful flower with two sizes of hearts, how clever is that. Again the card base is 8 ½ x 5 ½ colonial-white cardstock folded in half. Further you need one piece of 4 ¼ square sorbet cardstock, 3 ¾ square saddle cardstock, 3 ½ square cashmere cardstock and a 4 ¼ x 1 ¼ piece of design paper. Edge the squares with chocolate ink and adhere them on the right side of your card base. Sides flush with the base sides. Place the design paper on the left side of your card base. I placed a strip of cardstock border on the seam between design paper and cardstock. You can use ribbon as well if you like or leave it as is.

Now to the fun part, you need hearts sizes 1 ¾ and 1 ½ four of each size. I cut mine from Indian Corn Blue cardstock and edged them with the same ink color. Adhere the hearts onto cashmere cardstock piece. I placed my glue just in the v-shaped bottom of the heart. Make sure that all heart bottoms touch in the middle. For best results dry fit them on the card first. I then adhered the smaller hearts onto the bigger once in the same fashion. This will give you the possibility to curl the “paddles” and make the flower look more dimensional. I placed a 1” flower cut from sorbet cardstock and a paper flower with mini brad in the middle of my blue heart flower. Stamp a little phrase on your tag, put some ribbon on and you are done. Don’t you love this heart flower idea??? Oh and don’t forget, you can use this design as an upright version as well, go ahead and try it.
Again thanks for the idea and creation to both ladies from the “Ink outside the box” card swap. Thank you so much for the inspiration….

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