September 24, 2013

A Strawberry basket

This little basket is just so cute. You can make it in any size, but I like this little one for a little "Thank You" or just because...

You need a 6" x 5" piece of colonial white cardstock and a 3/4" x 1" strip of the same color. Two strawberries, one green flower, three white flowers and two branches with leaves in green as well. For instructions on how to create the Strawberries and Flowers, please check the Strawberry card from earlier this month.

 Depending on the high of your basket, you have to score all four sides in the same high. Cut out each corner of the square and fold. To create the false wood grain, I used my desert ink pad and swiped little stripes on each side. Stripes on opposite sides are going in the same directions, but the other sides are perpendicular to the first ones. Once you fold the sides up, they should all go in one direction around the basket. Place the same strips along the 1" pieces.

The easiest way to assemble this basket is to prepare the base and fold all sides up. The 1" strip is attached with a staple gun and the ends will butt up on the back of the basket. The strip is about half way on the folded box. the edges should be a little bit open like in the picture show.

Now all that is left is to decorate the front of the basket and place your little give-a-ways inside.

If you need further instructions or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. You can also purchase the whole September set from me or multiples of one item.

Have fun recreating and stay tuned for more things to come this month...

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