December 23, 2013

Gift Card Holder Part 2

Santa sends his best wishes and see what's tucked away inside:

 Again, this card measures 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" and is hold together by Santa's belt.
A white piece of cardstock is trimmed with a scalloped edge and little black circles are placed as buttons along the white strip. Adhere the strip down the middle of the card base.
The belt was created with a strip of black cardstock, a piece of silver glitter cardstock and another piece of black cardstock. Fit the black strip around the card so it slights of easy and adhere both ends in the front together. They should overlap a little bit. Place the silver piece over the seam of the strip and adhere. Finally glue the little black cardstock piece on top of the silver one. Make sure it is in line with the strip, which will give you the illusion of a real belt buckle.  

A strip of red cardstock is scored and folded so a little peak is folded upward in the middle of the card. Carefully place adhesive around the bottom and side part of the inside of this peak and glue it shut. Cut an opening as wide as your gift card into the middle fold. Now you can easily slip in your gift card.

Your gift card will poke out in the middle once the card is opened. Place a little white piece of cardstock at the back of this card to leave a personal note.
Wrap the belt around the card and Santa's greetings are ready to give away....

Frohe Weihnachten ....

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