December 23, 2013

Gift Card Holder Part 3

How about a little purse-anal gift card this time? This is the third one of our card holders. A cute little purse with can be given away anytime.

A strip of design paper was cut at 12" x 4" and scored three times. At 5 1/4", 6" and at 6 3/4". Fold the card strip in half showing the striped paper design. Then fold each side back so the poka-dots are on the outside and you have a little V in the middle. Use a strong corner rounder and round the two corners on the folded side, with the V still in the middle. 

Lay your folded card flat and make a mark on on side of 3" from the bottom up. Draw the line in pencil across so you can erase it later. I used two round cookie cutters about 1/4" different in size to draw half a circle above the 3" mark. Using my craft knife, I cut the inner circle and with my scissors I cut around the out one including the little straight parts on each side along the 3" line.

 Now you are able the remove the paper part around the top circle. I folded the inner part over so the striped paper was showing on top of the doted paper. A little bit of clear and red glitter glue along a few of those strips makes the card more festive. I places a piece of white and red cardstock on each purse side on the inside. Before I adhered the red piece I glued a piece of ribbon on the back so I could use the strips sticking out to tie the gift card to the purse. A personal note on the white side and a little tag on the front and this little purse it done.

To keep it standing up and not opening, tie both handles together with a piece of ribbon.

Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo .......

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