May 8, 2014

A Hollyhock Thank You

Here is Hollyhock Thank You card and this design comes thank's to one of my crafty card ladies....

This Hollyhock came in one long flower and would barely fit on the card. So on of my clever ladies (Thank's Ruth) came up with another idea. She simply cut the leave part and two of the flowers on the bottom off. Yes, she just did it! She cleaned both flowers up by separating them and getting rid of excess paper parts.
Thank's to this clever cutting, the flower was now just the right size to fit on the card. She adhered the big flower part with thin foam dots, then arranged the leave part the same way, just butting the two pieces up. The two extra flowers were also adhered with thin foam dots and they are used to "cover up" the seam between the top and bottom. Great Idea Ruth!

If you work with items like this or where they are just to big for your project, think out side box. Don't be afraid to cut them apart and create something different or just use part of it.

No matter what project you are working on, once all parts are together, lay them down and dry fit them together. Stay back and see if you like the design. Move things around and see what else might please your eyes, then take out the glue.... It's like measure twice, cut once!  

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