May 6, 2014

A Poppy Flower Thank You

Here is another of these wonderful flowers, a Poppy Flower with a little bee buzzing around it.

Assembly is the same as with the previous cards. Also this is flower was originally situated on the edge of my botanical paper. This means, the poppy seed and the leave on the left were cut off. We took advantage of it by placing the flower right to the edge of the left side of the embossing background.
We also had an extra leave that we used to extend the greenery on the bottom. It was adhered flat to the card base, tucked lightly under the main flower. Can you tell which leave I am talking about?

In this particular card we raised the tag with some thin foam dots as well. Make sure when you arrange items that they overlap a little in some places. This give your card more flow and looks more natural too.
Place the little bee with a foam dot and decide if and were you would put the bling....

Stay tune, there are more....

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