October 24, 2016

NEW Thin Cuts ....Wreath, Birthday and more

Just in time for the busiest time of the card making season, Close to My Heart released some brand new "Thin Cuts". These new thin cuts coordinate with stamp sets for the Idea Book and Seasonal Book and ....they can be ordered individually. So if you already own the stamp sets, go ahead and order just the thin cuts...otherwise get them both with the same order.

 Wreath - Stamp 

Stamp Set (A1193) 
Price: $6.95

To order....Click Here

 Wreath - Thin Cut

Thin Cut (CC1157)
Price: $10.95

To order....Click Here

This wreath is really cute and I think you can used this all year long. Add a few berries for Christmas, add a few little flowers for spring and summer, add a few acorns or pumpkins for Autumn... the possibilities are endless!

Sweet Birthday - Stamp

Stamp Set (B1532)
Price: $ 9.95

To order....Click Here
Sweet Birthday - Thin Cut

Thin Cut (CC1156)
Price: $ 9.95

To order....Click Here

The birthday version is also a very versatile set. Use the little head to decorate little critters or as a border. The candle can be used for wreaths, cakes and naturally the cupcake and so much more. Love the cute little face that can go on the cup cake, or how about some cups, mugs, balloons etc... 

Check back tomorrow for more new Thin Cuts....

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