February 24, 2017

Technique: So Sketchy! - Part 1

Well, I hope you enjoyed this months hop. In case you missed it, please check HERE for last Fridays March Blog Hop. Don't forget to comment here and along the way and you might be our next winner of the month.

So, what was this months hop all about? So sketchy, what does this mean you might ask? Let's start with the sketch we used for all our projects:

A sketch is an idea for a layout. Yes, it's that simple! It is an idea and you can follow the sketch to the teeth or you put your own spin on it. Sometime, especially beginners have a hard time to get started to make their own cards. A sketch is a helpful tool to get started. You can find sketches in many places these days: Internet, Pinterest, etc. But you don't even have to go that far. Any card you might see can be converted into a sketch!

So, next time you see a card you really like, take a picture or save it on you device and when you get back to your "craftroom", pull it out and place it on you desk. Next think of what colors you would like to use...the easy way, copy the once in the card or pick a color combo you like. Maybe the pillow next to you has some colors you like...

Check which other elements are included in the card and see what you have in your stack. Maybe you have a flower stamp, or a punch to create flowers, or some embellishments that fit the theme.... and that is it! 

Here are two examples of cards I made that are close to the sketch. I did these on purpose so close to the sketch to show how easy it can be to interpret a sketch.

 Here I started with the three flowers seen on the sketch. I didn't had the same kind, but any flower will do right? Next I cut a couple of leaves that would compliment my flowers. I stamped my thank you phrase on a piece of cardstock and cut the little flag out.

Now the background, I had a water colored background in my mind, so I got some water color paper and my paints and painted away.

 Once the color was dry I sprayed some shimmer paint on it to give it a little more interest. You could sprinkled some black ink over it or if you have a stamp with sprinkles in your stack use it.

Like I do with all my cards, before I adhere everything in place I like to play :-) Yes, have fun and play around. See how the card changes when you place the items in different arrangements. Remember, the sketch is just and idea. Flip it, turn it, place the items to the right, the left, to top or the bottom...just have fun.
This way you will get a better feeling what it looks like and the advantage, nothing is secured yet...

While I did this with my elements, I noticed that my background kinda disappeared on the card base. My first rule when this happens, take some black, mat it behind the background and see if this makes it pop. Well, and most often it does as you can see.  

 In my second card I pretty much settled with the same elements, just a different type of flower. My background is done with yellow watercolor paint and in this case I wanted it to melt with the card. 
I did used some white cardstock for matting, but this was needed since my watercolor paper was of the thinner kind and was to wobbly. The matting helped to flatten it out.

The flowers are cut with my cutting machine, but you can use and dies or punch ones too. I know, mine don't look like yours, right. They are not flat because I flipped them over and used my stylus and a foam mat to shape them just a little. Carefully run your stylus or better a shaping tool from the tip of each pedal to the middle, then flip the flower over again and press in the middle so the yellow flower can fit inside. 

A little effort, but I like how it makes the flowers look more realistic. And again a few leaves are draped around the flowers and a tag stamped with a phrase is attached to the front. I found this little "sparkle" stamp in my stack and stamped it around the flowers. This time I used my brush and some black ink and flicked it over the top part over the card front to create a few sprinkles. A few bling stones and this card is done.

You see, starting out by following a sketch is not that hard to do. It is a great tool to teach you some basic layout rules and it will help you to gain more confidence in what you are doing. Play around with your card parts and see how they look when placed in different spots on the card.

Sometime if thing don't wont to work out at all, I just drop them over my base and see where they fall ...LOL... yes, this is how sometimes the best ideas are born. This "technique" is also perfect to place sequins or little items in a more random pattern.....try it, it's fun and that's what creating is all about, right?

That's it for this Technique Friday special. Turn in during the week and make sure to check out next Fridays part 2.

Thanks for reading along (sorry got a little long this time) and I hope you enjoyed it. Leave me comment or if you have questions feel free to contact me. See you back here soon....Happy Crafting!


  1. I love how you follow up the hop with more details. And now I need to try just dropping my sequins to see what happens!

    1. Thank you Wilma, this way you can give out a little more detailed information too. LOL...yeah, go try the drop thing, but please not with the whole package LOL...I love to do the random ones that way :-)