March 21, 2018

Easter Egg Card with Flowers

Easter is around the corner and what would be more perfect than a cute Easter Egg card? 

I started with a card base of 7" x 5" folded on the left side. I made a template from an egg shape cut with my handy Cricut machine. The template is about 1/2" bigger than the yellow cardstock layer we will later add to it.

I placed the template on the card base in a way that the top fits inside the card and the bottom is slightly hanging over the card base. 
Make sure !!!!! that your left side of the template is reaching over the fold about 1/8" so it creates a hing for the card. In case you fit the template right inside your base, well you will end up with two separate egg shapes ;-)

 The picture on the right from the inside of the card shows the hing that was created. Beside the shape, you can also see the inside stamped image that was used.

Now lets talk about decorations, shall we. These Easter Egg cards can be decorated in many different ways. This year we used a bunch of flowers to make them pretty.

I used the newest Cricut cartridge from the Close to My Heart family called "Flower Market". This cartridge is loaded with flowers and everything around it.  

I cut one flower set out in pink colors and reversed it for the blue ones. I also used the little flower vine to frame the egg even more.

The egg shape is cut about 1/2" smaller than the template from the card. I used yellow cardstock for it. The yellow layer measured 5 3/4" x 4 1/2" and I also run it through an embossing machine.

The flower vine is cut of two layers. One is the green vine base and then the little blue flowers that are adhered on the matching green spots.

The pink and blue flower bunches are a little bit more detailed. You will cut 4 layers with those. The first layer is the green one. The second is in my case a purple one which is only the flowers. This layer will fit on the green one lining up with the green flower portion. Then I cut the flowers in a dark pink and light pink (or as in the other set a dark blue and a light blue). I adhered the darker flowers first, flat on the purple bases. They also match up perfectly with the purple images. The little pink flowers will be added to one of the leaf like green buds. It doesn't matter really which one of the green leafs you pick. Finally the light pink flowers are added with some foam dots to the purple matching shapes.
You will do the same with the blue set!

I adhered the vine flowers on top of the yellow egg first. Next I laid out my pink and blue flowers and adhered them to the yellow egg as well. The phrase was stamped on a scalloped square which I cut out in pink for a second time. The pink layer is simply offset under the white layer and both have been added with foam dots to the card. 
Last but not least, a little bow is finishing of this card.
I hope you had fun with this Easter card. Stay tuned for more to come and don't forget to contact me if you have questions or like to join my classes.

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