March 11, 2016

Important update for our Close to My Heart “Thin Cuts”!

The Close to My Heart “Thin Cuts” are first introduced in the Seasonal Expressions Book 1 of this year! Even so the Seasonal Expressions Book 1 is still life up until April 30th; some of the item in the book will run out before we hit April. It doesn’t occur often, but it can happen and therefor I have to announce that:

  • Springtime Wishes Thin Cuts are Sold Out (no back order available)
  • Spring Critters Thin Cuts (Z3207) will likely sell out by the end of the month 

If you thought about getting one of these remaining thin cuts, make sure to order them A.S.A.P!  Stock is getting limited fast and there is no guarantee they will be available until the end of April.

On general remark about these Season Expressions Book’s which are introduced three times a year and work alongside with our Annual Idea Book. While items in the Annual Idea Book will be available for an entire year, products from the Seasonal Expressions Book’s are limited and can sell out before the book ends. This means, if you find some interesting products in the seasonal books make sure to order them early while products are in full stock.

Please email me with any questions you might have. You can check out the current books and/ or place your order on my website….Click Here!

I hope this little update will help you with your future planning of products you might like to buy. You can place single order or if you have a bunch of friends that would like to join you…have a party or schedule an online gathering/ party and receive free products in return.

Have a wonderful weekend


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