June 11, 2012

The new paper pack “FOOTLOOSE” comes with a cute ocean theme stamp set that was just right for this birthday card.

I decided to choose a blue card base for my ocean themed card. Two of the three double sided design papers that come in the kit are perfect to create sand and waves. I used about an one inch strip of each paper and carefully ripped the upper part of the strips away to create the illusion of sand hills and waves. I little bit of desert sand ink along the edge of the sand paper and some cornflower blue ink along the water paper softens the white rips.
The seaweed was created with sweet leaf cardstock that I cute by hand in long uneven strips. I distressed the edges with some chocolate brown ink. I used the leftover sweet leaf paper with the missing leaf shapes to sponge on the dark green colored shadows of the seaweeds. Attach the green seaweed leafs to the cards showing a little bit of the green sponged leafs.

Make sure to start with the seaweed first, about 1” above the bottom of the card. Now attach the water strip next and finally the sand paper.

Now all that is left is to stamp some seahorses, fishes, turtles and mussels onto a piece of white cardstock. Cut them out and place them onto your card. My little fishes and the bubbles are stamped on and decorated with glitter glue.
I used three colors of ink to create the different shades of each creature (desert sand, chocolate, crème brulee for seahorse and mussels… twilight, sweet leaf and cornflower blue for the turtle and fish). I used a different technique for each of them …contact me for more information or check out other blog post in the next few weeks.  

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