February 6, 2014

A Bonbon for your Birthday - Part 2

This is part 2 of the Bonbon surprise box ...

To prevent smaller goodies to fall through the opening, use one of the two 1 6/8" squares and let it slide into the tube. 
Make sure it lays flat on the bottom.

Now you can place your own goodies into the tube. I put two of these delicious Roche goodies in the middle.

Now the same principle as earlier, to close the whole on the other end ...

 ... place the other 1 6/8" square on top of your filling and pinch the sides together as we have done it before on the other side.

Use the second ribbon piece to keep the box closed. Smooth out the ends and tie a nice bow on each side of the box. Trim excess ribbon ends.

Stamp your sentiment on the light colored design paper and adhere it to the sky blue cardstock. Place the set on one side of the box.

Arrange the little flower with a pearl and place it on the box.

Your little Bonbon surprise is ready to give away.

These boxes can be made in a various number of sizes and it is up to you what you would like to fill them with.

They are also great for Christmas or Thanksgiving decorations or any other occasion. They also make great seating cards with names on them....

If you like a set of these boxes or for some other occasion, please feel free to contact me. A sample of this box also comes with the January card kit. 

Make sure to turn in for this months workshop ideas...

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