February 5, 2014

A Bonbon for your Birthday - Part 1

This last project from our January Class is a little surprise, but a sweet one.

Materials needed for this project:
- a 7" x 6" piece of Close To My Heart "Frosted" design paper
- two 1 6/8" cardstock squares
- 1" x 2" cardstock piece in Sky Blue
- 3/4" x 1 3/4" design paper "Frosted" lighter side
- two pieces of ribbon
- a pink small flower and a pearl
- two Roche Chocolates for filling (in this case they fit perfectly in this box)
- sentiment stamp, black ink pad, adhesive, strong tape adhesive, glue dots

This punched design for the box is available on our Close To My Heart Cricut cartridge "Artiste". If you have one of the box punch boards that are available from other retailers you can use it as well. 
The paper is scored along the lines in four different place. Make sure your folds are nice and crisp. To make assemble easier later on, also fold the sides like shown in the picture on the left. The blue/ grey design you see will be on the outside of the box.

Fold your sides back down an bend the box along the folds in the middle. You will end up with a long rectangular box.

Place strong tape adhesive on the smaller end on one side (blue/grey design) and adhere it under the other side. Openings and sides should line up perfectly.
This is how your box should look like once you adhered the sides together. A long rectangular piece with a square inside.

Now we pay our attention to one end of the box. Squeeze the box together on the side folds we made earlier. The box should close automatically if you press all four middle creases together towards the middle of the box.

Don't worry about the ends yet. Take one of your ribbons and tie it around the middle folds so they stay together, like on the picture here...
Don't pull the ribbon to tight, otherwise you will rip the paper.  
Once you turn the end towards you, you can see a little opening. Now it is time to fold the ends carefully back, if they are not already there. 

Turn the tube around and this is how it will look like from the opening side. You could fill your goodies into the tube as is if you like, but if you use smaller goodies like M&M's, than we have to continue with the next step... 

... check tomorrows part 2 of the Bonbon box ...

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